Commercio Cloud Echoes The Need To Patronize Local Cloud Solution Providers



Commercio Cloud Limited,an indigenous cloud solution provider based in Lagos has reiterated the need for Nigerian firms to look inwards while shopping for their cloud products such as collocation, managed services and virtualization. A move that would save the nation foreign exchange and capital flight. Cloud computing has been identified as the future of computing and information technology (IT). The need for countries to develop a home grown cloud solution has informed indigenous firms like Commercio Cloud Limited to open shop in Lagos.

While speaking to the media in his office, Aderemi Adejumo,The Chief Technical Director, Comercio Cloud Computing Limited said “Our aim is to set an agenda and the foundation for people to be aware that we have that capability on the ground as oppose to going out of the country when we have the same facility in Nigeria. We want Nigerians to avoid the capital flight of having these foreign brand and that was one of the major reasons we established this organisation. Having worked across the globe, we try as much as possible to be in tune with the global best practice as it pertains to IT and Cloud solution deployment. We want our clients to have a rest of mind while we got their back.”

“With our top notch cloud services, we have developed a backup system and business agility solution that can enable you to focus on your work and not bothered if your data would be lost in the case of breach. Our Disaster Recovery Solution Protects your business from the impact of a disaster,retrieve and restore essential technology infrastructure and systems following a disaster”, Adejumo added.

Aside data sovereignty, Commercio Cloud Limited boss reiterated that Nigeria has come of age to start doing something without depending on foreign products saying that with the abundant human capital resources,the country has no use importing some technologies which can be sourced locally. He pleaded that the government should focus on creating an enabling environment for IT firms to thrive. With the creation of an enabling environment, IT firms can scale and expand their frontiers to other African countries.

“We aim to be the leading premier cloud company in West Africa. Also provide the Nigerian IT community and sub-region with quality cloud services, business information solutions, reliable and professional technical support, and unparalleled customer service by embracing good ethical business practices. We have the capacity to deliver this and we have been deploying world class cloud solutions to organisations across the country and we are looking at the sub region in near future”. He concluded.

ComerCio cloud computing Limited is Nigeria’s’ leading Enterprise local cloud service Provider. We are the first choice of Cloud Solutions and managed data services for local and Global businesses with great ambitions.

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