Codefest Studio presents “Digital Democracy” To Mark May 29



Codefest Nigeria, a Nigeria IT firm that organises hackathon event that brings together computer programmers to identify issues and create software in line with May 29 ,Democracy day brings digital democracy !

This is to commemorate NIGERIA’S INDEPENDENCE (MAY 29). They would give Nigerians a platform to discuss on how to move our democracy forward with ICT as an enabler .

ICT has been known to be an enabler and transformational tool many countries of the world have deployed to better the lives of their citizens. ICT has demonstrated if deployed properly the gains of government can be seen through bridging the digital Gap, enabling capacity building and building new businesses.

One of the major progress the ICT has been able to achieve is in the area of freedom of speech. With the arrays of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, citizens have been able to voice their concerns about (mis) governance and various governments have used ICT to reach out to citizens in the areas of sensitisation, orientation and other eGovernment programs.

Speaking to the media , the organisers of the event encouraged Nigerians to be part of this opportunity in the area of digital transformation in Nigeria.

The venue of the event is SILVERBIRD GALLERIA. Nigerians will air their opinion which would be recorded for TV/Radio/Print Media.

Date: Tuesday 29th, May
Venue: Silverbird Galleria, VI, Lagos.

Note, Its Free! Plus we are giving away prizes (G-DATE Antivirus, HP Printer and more). See you!

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