In line with the demands of the 4th Industrial revolution, CodeFest an incubation hub located in Lagos would be equipping the young ones with the skills needed to survive and compete in the future.  Designed for children between the ages of 1 -13 years, these kids would be taught the basics of coding, Internet of Things, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. The Easter Boot Camp commences from 20th of April 2019 at Dew Cinema, FESTAC Lagos.

Speaking of the event, Moss Uromtah, the founder and organiser of the programme opined that “we understand the current realities of our time, we organised this program for kid to be exposed to the dynamics of technology and the need to chart a course in this field. As the world is tilting away from fossil fuels to the fourth industrial revolution, it has become imperative for us to prepare the future generation to be part of it. Failure to do so would be inimical to our survival as a people. We in CODEFEST totally understand this and that is why we have taken the pains and rigours to put up this.”

“We encourage guardians and parents to use these holidays to bring their kids. We have picked up critical aspects in the information technology (IT) and this is what we would be bringing to bare. We are looking at Robotics, Game development, Internet of Things and coding“, he concluded.

The event is powered by Computer Village Hub (CVHub) and CODEFEST with the aim of   challenging students of various institutionS to innovation and technology. Also, they try to encourage the students to develop new software application for market readiness.

With this program, the kids would develop the required skill set to compete in the future economy.  The Lagos Innovative Kidsville EXPO would be a defining point in the future economic narrative.” Looking at countries that are leading the way in technological innovation, we find students spend a greater amount of time in education outside of school – traditionally in a tutoring or enrichment capacity, this is what the program is looking at. With this program, the kids would develop the required skillset to compete in the future economy”, Rotimi concluded


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