Clarke Energy Invests In First Assembly Plant for Kohler SDMO’s Generating Sets in Lagos





  • Clarke Energy invests in the construction of new assembly plant in Lagos for Kohler SDMO’s diesel generating sets
  • 22 jobs will be created in the city to assemble the units in Lagos


Clarke Energy, working with Kohler SDMO, plan to open their first assembly plant for diesel engines which will be based in Nigeria, demonstrating the companies continued commitment to international trade. The £650,000 investment coming from the UK will be located in Lagos and employ 22 full time staff at start up.


The facility is planned to assemble diesel genset units up to 700kW and we now have plans to further expand our capabilities building larger units once the plant is completely operational. Clarke Energy, Kohler SDMO and their local distributors will sell the generators making use of the company’s engineering, installation and maintenance capabilities and the smaller units are to be sold via local distributors.


Nigeria installs circa 20,000 diesel units per year but only 15% of the current market share is imported due to the import tax imposed by the government. It was therefore identified that it was essential to set up a local facility to deliver competitiveness and profitability whilst maintaining the highest standards of manufacturing using technicians trained in the UK and France.


The assembly plant is the first of its type by Clarke Energy in any of the 25 countries in which we operate. The project has utilised companies’ experience across project management, finance and service and compliments the gas to power based installations that the company excels in globally. It is also a success as a Franco-British collaboration with Kohler SDMO, with both companies working together in unison sharing manufacturing experience along with local market knowledge.


Clarke Energy’s is approaching 20 years’ experience of operating in Nigeria with over 360MW delivered for a wide range of applications and put an emphasis on local and responsive after sales support. Clarke Energy has recently supplied its first hybrid power generation solution, delivered to OK Plast in Lagos, demonstrating engineering capabilities to deliver hybrid power generation solutions for microgrids.


Alan Fletcher, Clarke Energy’s Managing Director for Africa commented


“The investment in the first assembly plant for Clarke Energy and partnership with our sister company Kohler SDMO will help to improve the costs and availability of the Kohler generating sets in Nigeria. In parallel we are creating jobs in the country and expanding our existing local capabilities.”


Hervé Prigent, Kohler SMDO’s General Manager commented


“Clarke Energy’s strong presence in Nigeria made them an ideal partner to work together to assemble our diesel gensets in Nigeria. We will be building to the highest standards in country, in parallel improving our customer’s access to and pricing of these generating sets”






Clarke Energy, a Kohler Company, has operated in Nigeria since 1998. Liverpool is a leader in the engineering design, installation and long term maintenance of gas and diesel engine-based power plants. The company provides added value through engineering, installation and maintenance of facilities. Clarke Energy employs over 1100 staff globally, of which 100 are located in Nigeria and has over 6,400MW of generation equipment operating in its operational areas with 350MW in the country.

OHLER-SDMO is now positioning itself as a serious energy supplier.









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