The demand on families today have seen many women taking up roles that were not there before. Today, have so many women career workers that are doing fantastically well in their various field of endeavour, these women have made the needed sacrifice to be outstanding and this is one thing of note! But with feminism getting a foothold in the country, the christian woman must know and learn how to balance the secular world and biblical injunction! Bible is clear on the role of a christian woman.

In the book of Ecclesiastics, the Bible made it clear that there is always time for everything. From the time to begin and when and where to begin. Everyone has a time schedule and there is predestined time to do things .

In life , we acquire knowledge on a daily basis, the woman must avail herself the opportunity to upgrade herself. When God created Adam, he did not give Adam , Eve to dominate him but a help mate. The need to understand that there are defined roles for men and women in the society the better for us.

1 Timothy 16 , Godliness with contentment is gain. Women must learn to be contented with their lives and also at the same time try and identify their hidden talents. Today , a lot of vices are seen as right, as the world blurs what is good from what is wrong, the average Christian woman gets more confused on her role and designation as a woman. But , she must know that the Bible said that ” I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me”, the need to follow the biblical injunction is imperative here.

These days , women and parents take solace in daycare! We must understand that a child that isn’t taken care of at that stage might not have compassion on the parents. With tout quest to make money in the cities , especially cities like Lagos, the father and mother jets off as early as possible , coming back late, the kids are in the hands of daycare, caregivers and house helps. Taking this route to train these kids are detrimental to the psychological and emotional makeup of the children. They might not have compassion for the parents and these are the situation.

With the Daycare syndrome, it has been noted that some of their teachers eat their food. With fast food life we live today, kids are been raised by noodles and junks, so many women think that it’s a good thing to have kids as early as one to be in daycare …they have forgotten that this is the time of binding and this is the time the toddler builds bonding between him and the parents , especially the mother. Women must understand that the need to make sacrifices for these kids is imperative.

Yes, it’s good to have a career and build it, but the best career is to ensure that your kids turn up to be great citizens of the country not some rascals. If you leave your kids to focus on the career, then after building the career the kids would ruin the career! Examples abound.

For career mothers, women must know that even if they head out to work, they must show a very high love of the person that is taking care of their children. It’s is an aberration that women think less of their helps, maid and all whatnot! It’s important that women start treating those that take care of their children with utmost love and respect. These caregivers would cascade this love to the kids.

As a mother, the need to balance your time is so important! You must start deciding when to work and when to be a mother. It is so possible to have the two roles balanced. You as a mother can’t just leave the motherly duties for the help to take care of. We have seen a lot of househelps taking over the home , not that these helps are smarter than their madam, but the madam gave them the leeway to succeed. It’s as akin to leaving a fox to guide the poultry. That is what these women do unknowingly. So as a woman , you must decide if you really want to devote time to your family or your career. There are hazards of daycare and women must know this.

Majority of women in Nigeria is depressed. Staying in a city like Lagos can even predispose one to depression! Another thing that most women must try and understand is that ; they shouldn’t compare themselves with other women. If she is wearing 24karat gold doesn’t mean that you must wear it! Be contented, understand and don’t use this as a form of depression. Depression is an ailments that comes as a result of so much worries over things that doesn’t matter.







This message is for Women Convention 2018
Faith Cathedral International Ministry,
Egbeda Lagos

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