ChiTola Farms Rolls Out Tiger-nut Flour as healthy sugar alternative



Sugar as we all know is not good especially manufactured or altered sugar that we use to sweeten our food. It exposes one to many ailments from diabetes to cancer. As Nigerians become more health conscious especially with what they consume, ChiTola Farms on Thursday announced the entrant of its new classic and premium product, ‘Tiger-nut Flour’.

Available in two flavors, ginger flavor and normal tiger nut flavor, the product has been designed to curb the cravings of sugar and also give Nigerians a healthier alternative. The Chief Executive Officer of the firm, Chioma Tolani Roberts popularly known as Chi Tola told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that the product, ChiTi Tiger-nut Flour, was gluten free and healthy.

Speaking on the product to the media, Roberts said that “it had become necessary to make agribusiness thrive became the mainstay of the country’s economy and a major foreign earner, value addition on agricultural produce was the only way to achieve that.”

She added that ” for anyone who wishes to stay healthy, tiger nut flour was a sure way to do so because of its natural sugars that can also service the pastries and confectioneries sub-sector adequately.”

ChiTi Tiger Nuts Flour is made from carefully selected, proudly Nigerian grown Tiger nuts, organically dried, milled and sieved into this premium product.

Nigeria and entrepreneurs in Nigeria are blessed too. All we need to do is ‘think’ like entrepreneurs and on this new entrant; the Tiger-nut flour has an unequaled sweet taste, which we discovered is ideal for different uses.

“”We believe in the benefits of this Tiger Nut Powder/Flour for health reasons, through various analyses from renowned researchers and institutions globally, it has been confirmed to be an alternative dietetics and its gluten free” Roberts opined. We

“And as a matter of fact, a positive alternative within the use of any type of flour, ‘’ she said.

She urged Nigerians to start considering the tiger nuts flour as source of fibre, it serves as good alternative to wheat flour and good for people who could not take gluten in their diets.

Roberts also added that tiger-nut flour when mixed with other flour like maize could become very tasty and it is considered good flour and it does not lose any of its nutritional properties after the milling process.

She commended the President Buhari’s administration for supporting SME’s in the agriculture sector, state that: “So far, there are more and more youths daring to venture and their creativity is beyond imagination.

“However, let me encouraged the Federal Government and tertiary institutions to do more in promoting agriculture that will give the youths the experience they need to propel them to be creative and consider agriculture as a choice of business, ‘’ she added.

In today’s market , a 150g pack of Chi Ti Tiger-nut Flour will be sold at N500; while the 1kg pack goes for N4,500.

Chi Tola is also in Mushroom cultivation and farm set up consultancy for those interested in venturing into mushroom cultivation and processing of other kinds of vegetables.

By Itohan Abara-Laserian

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