China’s Greek Gift To Africa & New Colonialism – Chijioke Ngobilli



That’s African Union Conference Centre complex in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
A very beautiful piece of architecture. Gargantuan edifice too. Ethiopia prides in it. Even the airline, Ethiopian advertises it in the bi-monthly magazine it publishes and shares to passengers to read.

Funded and built by the Chinese government from start to finish, with every single brick or plank coming from China.

But then, the new colonialist — the very mean, illiberal, ruthless and rampaging China does not give out anything for free without getting a much higher, huger and painfully costly returns from whoever she gives.

Last year, Le Monde, a French print media, through its investigative journalism, revealed that the entire African Union Conference Centre complex is wired with detective techs that supply intelligence info to servers in Beijing and that the entire server system in the building automatically transfers any piece of data generated during secret meetings and conferences straight to Beijing in China.

Look at that fine woodwork setting on the interior walls…. Anything could be inside that… I feel…

As expected, China denied it. Even some of the people managing the edifice rebuffed the allegation. That’s Africa, anyway.

And in Nigeria, some of our airports and roads are completely done by the Chinese government at the moment. Never a free fund. We will still pay with our blood and tears. But how will we pay that we haven’t known yet?

That’s what this post is trying to make us think. There’s no mercy or kindness in Chinese philosophy. Just justice. And justice has no definite interpretation!

Chijioke Ngobilli


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