Chimamanda Adichie  :The Madness called FEMINISM, and the set of folks called FEMINISTS



Chimamanda’s tweet to Hilary Clinton has put the novelist on spot. She has always enjoyed spotlight but this type of spotlight has made the conservatives and those that love status quo to see her in a funny way, while feminists are seeing her as the new queen but coming from her cultural stance which is Igbo , the role of women has been defined and this tweet has asked a lot of questions such as ; has she forgotten where she was coming from ? Has Western world eroded her cultural values ? Is feminism the new madness ?


What is her business with the fact that Hillary is proud to be a wife? It’s now clear that feminism is pure madness! Been a wife shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing because the Bible said ” she who finds a wife finds a good thing ” and Chimamanda is a Christian, unless she has take the Atheist route which can be possible but as it stands today she hasn’t come out to declare her godlessness ,so we would assume that she is still a follower of Christ! Her tribe (Igbo) are 98% Christian.

They say that the worst pretenders are these so called feminists… Even research has said that majority of feminists are depressed , the research put it one in every four feminists are depressed. A situation that a feminist would want it advocate for equal rights but insist on been treated like a lady ! I think that is pretending.

These so called feminists are mostly the cause of the high level of foolishness among our young girls and the sad part of it is that most of them suffer from psychological disorder.

In Africa and Nigeria per say, women are married not because of their beauty only but character . In Igboland where she comes from, there is a saying that ” agwa bu mma nwanyi” meaning that character is the beauty of a woman. But ,as it has been observed , most of the women that go the feminist route are those that couldn’t find love or mate in their lives. They end up pushing the feminist theory to create a facade of “Iron Lady ” and I don’t need a man mentality but inside them, they cherished to be loved . Allegedly, it has been said that chronic lesbians tend to be feminists. If a lady is unable to get a husband, she will come online and be forming a feminist.

.. And if you check, most of them married don’t live a happy life.. Their marriages mostly end up in divorce due to their stupid ideology.. #Feminists

Back to Chimamanda Adichie, she just disgraced herself. She should continue with her favorite title of Miss and stop constituting nuisance all in the name of feminism. She must also understand that every woman has the right to be identified by any name or title she wishes. That’s a private affair and for her to tweet at Clinton is a joke too far.

Chukwuemerie Uduchukwu

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