Chacha Eke Talks About Cheap Girls!


One of Nigeria’s finest actress, Cha-cha Eke has acted in some of the best movies in the country. She can be termed an entertainment export. Today she is a role model to many aspiring young actors and youths. This onerous role she totally understands and always tries to be in the positive light unlike what is applicable in the industry.

In one of her numerous social media handles, she took time to explain to the young ones what it means not to be cheap. She took time to define the term “cheap girl”. In her words she said that

“A cheap girl is not the girl that accepts your proposal the first day.
1. A cheap gal is any gal who is living in a man’s house and the man has not paid her bride price, no wedding but she is living with him.
2. A cheap gal is any gal who is already having sex with a common boyfriend and she does not know where the relationship is heading to, she does not know where the guy comes from, no marriage plans, no wedding hope but she is having sex with the guy because of the money she is getting from him.
3. A cheap gal is any gal who sends her nude pics to her boy friend in the name of love.
4. A cheap gal is any gal who has done one or more abortions and she is still doing more.
5. A cheap gal is any gal who dresses half naked in the name of fashion, exposing her boobs and other erotic parts of her body in the street or post such pictures on Facebook or Whatsapp and receives 500 likes and 100 comments that you’re “beautiful” and you say “thank you”.
6. A cheap gal is any gal who has an affair with a married man even after knowing it, having sex with him, abort pregnancy, receives money, cause havoc in the man’s marriage in order for her to be married.
7. A cheap girl is any gal who reads this post and gets Angry and will refuse to comment.”

According to BioNetworth, “Eke who is normally called Chacha Eke is a Nollywood Actress,  born on 17th July. Her journey into entertainment started back in 2009 when she was part of Miss Nollywood talent hunt. The Nollywood diva and mother of two healthy kids is from Ebonyi State, South Eastern part of Nigeria but based in Delta State.

Anthony Emeka Nwosu


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