Centurion Law Group Appoints Columbia Law Graduate Onyeka C. Ojogbo to lead New Frankfurt Office



Centurion Law Group (www.CenturionLG.com), which has opened an office in Germany with a focus on developing opportunities for German and African clients in the energy sector, is pleased to appoint US-trained Nigerian attorney Onyeka C. Ojogbo to lead its team and operations in Germany.

In her new role, Onyeka will be handling a growing portfolio of clients coming from Germany and Western Europe, and work on further attracting investments from European energy companies into Africa.

“Since she joined the firm, Onyeka has demonstrated a strong entrepreneurial mindset and an ability to work on the most complex transactions and deals,” declared NJ Ayuk, CEO of the Centurion Law Group. “Her appointment to our new office in Germany makes perfect sense given her qualifications and capacities to lead a team and represent the firm on the most demanding transactions and negotiations. She is a top notch lawyer and deal maker, and is a benefit for Europe and Africa,” added Mr. Ayuk.

“I am welcoming my appointment with humility and a strong sense of responsibility,” said Onyeka. “At Centurion, we recognize the importance of further opening up African energy markets to European companies and entrepreneurs who can bring value to our industry and work hand in hand with African companies. Germany has a lot to offer Africa in areas such as gas-to-power, clean and new energy and I look forward to being part of a new story within Europe and Africa’s energy cooperation.”

The opening of Centurion Law Group’s office in Germany is in line with the company’s expansion plans as it rolls out Centurion Plus, its latest lawyers-on-demand offering launched in 2018. Operating as a division of Centurion, Centurion Plus offers cost-savings and efficient flexible legal and advisory services to corporate clients, who can select from a pool of about 190 carefully vetted, on-demand attorneys and advisors for temporary and project-based legal services.

Centurion (www.CenturionLG.com) is a leading pan-African legal and energy advisory group with extensive experience in the oil and gas sector. The group provides outsourced legal representation and covers a full suite of practice areas for its clients, including arbitration and commercial litigation, corporate law, tax and anti-corruption advisory and contract negotiation. Centurion specializes in assisting clients that are starting or growing a business in Africa with offices and Affiliates in Ghana, Cameroon, Niger, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, South Africa, South Sudan, Nigeria, Gabon, Angola and Senegal.

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