My Candid Experience At National Identity Management Commission


I was at the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) office in Alausa, Ikeja to pick up the National ID Card I applied for since 2015. That was two years ago.

For me, it’s not the anger of the long wait or the joy of eventually collecting the card that caught me, it’s the politeness, the friendly and excellent customer service I enjoyed beginning from the security man who willingly showed me were to collect my card to the staff who promptly attended to me without the Nigerian character of deliberately delaying you so you can find them ‘something’. I collected my card in minutes once the collection formalities were done with.

As I left the place, what played in my mind was, if all government agencies and ministries can operate and work this way, Nigeria go better.

More importantly, l believe that if we all decide to do our bit diligently and in a straight forward manner, no one will dare label Nigeria shithole country. I mean, the guys who attended to me were not from Mars. They were Nigerians. They didn’t ask my state of origin or what god I worship. They just did their job. Simple.

By the way, I got an SMS from NIMC just Monday this week informing me that my card was ready for collection. I didn’t believe them, but they proved me wrong.

Nigeria can be better if we just do our bit.

Nigeria go better.

Earl Okezie


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