Can You Imagine, Chika Ike  Is Crushing On Herself !


She has braced and graced  the TV screen nationally, she has demonstrated finesse and strength most women lack in a very demanding industry, in a show biz industry that most women crumble under the public scrutiny. Chika Ike has come to show that as a Sphinx ,she has risen from ashes to a force to reckon. Pretty, sexy and single , she slays and above all see her self as a business woman and loving it. Though, very single after having divorced some couple of years .

Chika said that she crushes on herself in her social media handle. She said

“Can I crush on myself today?😜#wcw . She is a reflection of God’s grace . She isn’t looking for anyone’s validation because she knows she’s enough. She is a business woman who loves to inspire and motivate people . She is a go-getter and doesn’t take no for an answer. She loves God and she is a positive thinker .She has chosen to see the good in every situation and loves to have a good laugh 😂 (I’ll stop here now 😉)She is Chikadibia Nancy Ike. #selflove #iloveme #lovethyself #filmaker #realestateinvestor #enterpreneur #philanthropist”

According to her Wikipedia profile, “Chikacy’ Ike (born November 8, 1985) is a Nigerian actresstelevision personalityproducerbusinesswomanphilanthropist and former model .”


The screen diva is seeing herself as more of a business woman than an actress. Having diversified into production and other areas of business in Nigeria and USA. Chika can be said to be amongst the A List entertainers in Africa and she is so loving it.  One of her projects is ” AFRICAN DIVA REALITY TV SHOW” which was highly successful and was present in most states in Nigeria .

Anthony E Nwosu

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