…And these are the 15 Reasons Why Anambra Workers Celebrate this May 1st




In Anambra… Workers Are Blessed!!! That is what many workers across the federation said! you can call it envy, you can call it admiration, but, you are not far from the  truth.  We see it as setting wonderful precedence by Peter Obi or effective management of scarce resources by Will Obianio , but one thing that can’t be denied is that Anambra State is one of the very few states that are well run in Nigeria .

Few days ago,workers were lamenting over inability of their states in meeting the basic obligations such as payment of salaries and gratuities. States that are even richer n revenue like Bayelsa are owing months of salary and some states like Osun and Benue are owing more than six months salary . Though, the Federal Government has filed out some funds specifically for this ,yet most states couldn’t and wouldn’t meet up to their obligations and responsibilities.


It has been said by economic watchers and stakeholders that some unviable states especially in the South West region of the county to be merged. A state like Osun and Oyo has to be merged and states like Info and Ekiti merged. This solution is as a result of poor performance of these afore mentioned states.


Anambra ,just like Lagos are few states with prudent management. Though, densely populated but effectively managed. Workers in Anambra has displayed satisfaction very how their welfare has been taken care off. With a lot of palliatives in place. The workers came out on May 1, 2017 to say thank you. This is a clear departure from what was applicable in other states especially the neighbouring states like Imo, Kogi and Delta.


..And these are the 15 Reasons Why Anambra Workers Celebrate this May 1st…

1. 15% salary increment amidst recession

2. Regular share of bags of rice to workers

3. Payment of Salary on 24th of every month

4. Extra pay for Health workers in the rural areas

5. Extra pay for Teachers in the rural areas

6. Special Mass Transit Scheme for Workers

7. Annual Recognition Awards to Distinguished Workers

8. Prompt Payment of Pensions and Gratuities

9. Special Stimulus Package to alleviate the effects of recession

10. Regular local and overseas training for workers

11. Extra pay for Teachers of Core Subjects such as Mathematics, Igbo Language, etc

12. Availability of single-digit loans to interested workers via ASBA

13. Full welfare packages and promotion as at when due.

14. Total respect and support to all Labour Unions in the State.

15. Another salary increment loading… + security and good governance!

And many more!!!



Now, that the state workforce  is in better shape, can some one tell us why Anambra wont be a performer?



Obbina Okolo









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