With many  names and innuendos associated with Nigerian Army operation,  such as Python dance, crocodile smile and so many more, Nigeria army has been criticised for doing the work of the Nigerian police and civil defense. This has put the army in a sore situation . In a chat with Brigadier General Okechukwu Ugo, the Director of Army Training and Consultancy, Abuja. In his chat, the army chief said that the Nigeria army is reaching out to civilians. With the seminar that is coming up by the Nigerian army, the army would engage other countries army and adopt the best way military engagements bare made globally.


The security challenges in the army has made the army to put in place a lot of modifications in the Nigerian army. In a media chat with Brigadier General Okechukwu Ugo on the channels TV the army maintained that the army is winning war on terrorist and islamist in the North , especially the Boko Haram. With the new challenges facing the country, the Nigerian army will be liaising with many army to work out modality.

The army should be the last resort but due to the challenges of police, army is always called in first. This shouldn’t be the way but the army is collaborating in terms of security challenges , brigadier General Okechukwu mentained. He reiterated that the future seminar where most country army would be coming , this seminar would will avail the Nigeria army the best global practise. There would be army from Sandhurst, Pakistan ,Kenya, Niger etc. He reiterated that the Nigerian army is collaborating and creating synergy with all other security forces .


Pertaining to the seminar that is coming, there is a need for the Nigerian army to know the best global practise in war and other security challenges. The need for dialogues is better then war,this the army chief maintained. The Nigerian army has its reputation tainted today, With this low image the army has today especially in the southern Nigeria, the seminar is designed to take this image into consideration and a communique would be given on how the army should be engaging the civilian.

On the military civilian relations, the army said that there is a need to military to engage the civilian, a lot of NGO has been involved in this seminar. The Vice Counsellor of Igbenidion University would he speaking at the seminar.


On the INOCULATION of citizens, the army said that it’s not the function of army but the issue is that it’s a social responsibility and there are no such INOCULATION in any part of the South East, the brigadier maintained. He reiterated that people are out to tarnish the image of army.






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