Breaking Marriage Promises and the Attendant Consequences



These past few weeks have seen us attending weddings and engagement, from the popular to the commoners, weddings are normally held towards the end of the year or the beginning of the year. Behind this glitz, glamour and flamboyance that we witness in today’s wedding a lot of heartbreaks are there, though spoken in a hush tones,but they are there ! This is a fact we must come to terms with. The term of disappointments, disengagement and one party not continuing with the wedding as planned or envisaged.

I have heard 3 different stories recently about two young men who died from love related deaths and a lady who suddenly was struck by a strange body disease and another who is now being carried from place to place(see story last two paragraph) I was broken. Some families are going through pressure of having children because of betrayals and premarital issues. The stories one hear about how young people’s health and sanity failed them even to death is shocking and avoidable.

Please tell your brothers and sisters and friends, also YOU(if you are single), DO NOT break an agreement and trust of someone who you promised marriage.
In the eyes of God and man, it is totally unacceptable to promise someone marriage, make them wait for you, some abort pregnancies for those partners, some train people in school, some sponsor businesses, some facilitated the Europe-greener-pasture movement of their partner and then sadly few months or years that person comes back to call off the relationship with ridiculous or wicked reasons.

Some even go ahead, pay dowry and do arrangements for wedding with another woman while the lady who waited with expectations, hear about the wedding from someone else.

If YOU WILL NOT MARRY him or her, let her know, let him know, let her go NOW, let him go NOW, so she/he can allow someone come into her/his heart and life.

Don’t bring suffering to your life and that of your family, don’t die prematurely. Hell has no fury than a woman scorned, and add a woman betrayed in love.

Be wise and stay whole and alive.
Take the decision now.

Voodoo, juju, “witchcraft” etc., exist and work most of the time. “Wisdom is more profitable to direct”.

A young man who broke a marriage promise suddenly had a strange form of paralysis. Few days to his wedding, he could not stand up from the bed. He earlier complained of fever and stiffness of the muscles. He hasn’t spoken coherently in more then 3 words. His family has gone to meet the ex girlfriend who really assisted him to make money. The lady had rejected 3 suitors and her savings made him successful. The ex girlfriend said she only made a midnight prayer(I omit the details of what she did). The wedding is suspended, the wife-to-be is confused and the young man cannot travel back to his base. He is being fed and assisted to do everything.

Young single men and women, Be wise, keep to marriage promises or don’t make them. There are places in the Holy Books that support seeking justice.





Chima Okereke



Don’t bring suffering to your life and that of your family, don’t die prematurely. Hell has no fury than a woman scorned, and add a woman betrayed in love.

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