Sane Nigerians were jolted , conservationists were vexed and marine biologists were totally appalled when the video of folks in Brass, a community in the oil rich state of Bayelsa cruelly decapitated and dismembered a whale that was aground in grueling manner.

Some of the pictures where so shocking that Facebook had to sensor it. Just like in the days of Moses liberation of the Jews from the land of Egypt, the Bayelsa turned the sea to red! Blood everywhere and a testament of the Marine community’s awareness to conservative.

The extent to which Nigerians have been colonized mentally defies belief. Come now several Nigerians decrying this incident as cruel. Others are even defending that position by indicating that people are hungry as the reason, indeed they are, but is that the point.

When did Nigerians acquire this alien concept of the preservation of whales, is it really an African or an acquired European norm and culture from watching too much TV. Europeans are indeed different. They can become more emotional about the death of a dog than the would a human being. You will get crucified in America if your neighbor found 404 (dog meat ) in your pot, in fact you might be arrested, charged and tagged a deviant, even leaving your dog outside is tantamount to cruelty in the minds of Americans, you can check. Europeans will harass you to the point of a fight if you eat a beached shark or marine animal citing all kinds of reasons that are strange and alien to an African. Also in Japan whaling has been a contentious issue there but there seems to be sanity in their whaling industry because they adhered to some extent the way whales are killed.

Conservationism is a luxury in Nigeria, with high level of poverty and lack of protein in the diets, Nigerians , some anyway try as much as possible to source protein from the wild and sea so dolphins, whales, sharks are killed by the Marine community of the Niger Delta areas. Now back to this incident, Is there a single aquarium in Nigeria where sharks and dolphins and whales are preserved for the public, truthfully who has the time or resources for such artful pursuits.

At the end of the day this whale/fish ran aground and met its fate just like the millions of other fishes in our bellies, Nigeria has not reached the point where it can treat food as collections at an aquarium or zoo and is it really our culture or learned and acquired from watching cartoons. I don’t have time for nonsense, please quick quick go and bring me my knife and pot so I can get my share before they finish it, don’t mind these brainwashed sophisticated Nigerians who do not know the road to their village on Facebook

Terhemba Osuji and Anthony Nwosu

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