Ninety Percent of Government in Nigeria is all About Bread and Butter Politics nothing Intellectual – Bolaji Ogunseye





The issue on ground today is either to borrow or not to borrow and a lot of people have asked what was done with the last Paris funds that was disbursed to the state government. The need not to borrow and avoid putting the country in a harm’s way has been said by the stakeholders. With the controversy surrounding the Paris funds, Bolaji Ogunseye a Development economist has lend his voice in a chat with channeks TV.


Corruption is one sore point that has stopped the impact of these funds (borrowed) to cascade to the common man. Nigeria as a country must be able to find a way to tackle this issue, many countries of the world and Africa like Namibia, Botswana and even Rwanda has moved on to a higher economic note while Nigeria is still at the age of battling to pay basic things like salaries and pension. It is a criminal act for any government not to pay pension, Bolaji Ogunseye added.


For corruption to be a thing of past, the government should go the extra mile and self audit and allow civil society to audit them. With the lack of credibility of many states governments, it has been an issue of contention and people have frowned on borrowing money to pay salaries not for capital projects and in this case, most of them don’t even pay the salaries. It is the work of civil societies to checkmate these anomalies by the government.

Bolaji Ogunseye also opined that ” problems must be looked and addressed not to please personal. Problem should be looked on the basis of solving problem and with a logical approach. Problems should be defined, but in Nigeria we start with ego and mindset challenges” he said .

The leadership in Nigeria is more of ego. The issue of Nigeria is becoming a global source of embarrassment. ” We need a set of foundermaental changes in Nigeria, what we have today is full of toxins” Bolaji added , in his support for restructure.

Ninety percent of government in Nigeria is all about bread and butter issue, government is disturbed on how to pay salaries, have electricity and basic things. This has placed Nigeria and it’s rulers on a very low pedestal whereas the other countries are moving over to the fourth industrial revolution while the Nigerian Government is still battling with the basics of first industrial revolution such as electricity. The private sector is also affected because of wrong policies in the land, there should have been an interventionist approach by the private sector bit due to stifling political and economic environment, these set of people are handicapped.

The need to expedite good governance is imperative . We should be careful to ensure that the government of the country don’t descent to criminal enterprise .


Anthony Emeka Nwosu


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