The Big Brother Naija has come and gone, but we haven’t heard enough of the participants of the show. After Efe, the winner has been announced, Nigerians were of the opinion that other participants have gone into oblivion or hibernation, where the come from. eTimes News can categorically tell you that some of them have been busy lately. One of the busy participants, known as Bisola in a chat with “Rubbin Minds” anchor, Obika Obu Uchendu, Bisola of the BigBrother Naija fame confesses that the show has given her a larger platform.

Known for her whirlwind romance with Tall Tony, not noticing that he is married (nobody would have noticed anyway, due to the conditions that were imposed on them) , in the show Bisola was appreciative of the BigBrother Naija platform. She confessed that her followership on social media has tripled. In her words “before I came into the house, I used to have about 40,000 followers, but as it stands today, I just cannot name how many followers I have… I owe this to the Big Brother Naija” she also made her fans to understand that she doesn’t regret her actions in the house.

Though, a very talented individual, she admitted that she believed that Tony and Efe will make it to the last rounds. In a house full of talented individuals, Bisola confessed that she saw Efe as the biggest threat in the house. When asked about her relationship with Tony and how she felt, she said that she is cool with him, though a bit hurt, but has moved on. Bisola had an up, close and personal with Tony, not knowing that he is a married man with kids.

In her word, “Tony is a talented man, who I found interesting, he does task easily and there are no ill feelings between us. It was a game and I will not want to come in between his family. He has apologized for his acts and I have accepted” she admitted.

Bisola confessed that she has a lot of things in her sleeves and will not fail to keep her fans and admirers informed. In the area of her career, a recording and management deal has been signed with Temple Records. Being in the studio for recording some time , this will enable the reality TV show to be relevant in the industry by releasing an album.

Bisola is a single mother and she understands the limitation that being  a mother and unmarried imposes on her and any single  woman in the areas of careers aspiration. When quizzed about her situation as a single mother, she said that, “ I understand the limitations the society puts on women that have children out of wedlock. I have my mum to thank for her supportive role she has been playing” she remarked.


Tony Emeka Nwosu

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