Big brother Naija: Frodd Accused of Being Defensive, Takes on Esther



In a true of dare game, the housemates were coming clean and asking a whole lot of questions and some were a bit intimate and others insinuations and assumptions waiting for confirmation. In such a time Frodd was accused of being always defensive and he presented and demonstrated his level of intelligent by saying that “are we not meant to defend ourselves?

Frodd can be said to be one of the most intelligent, soft spoken guys, taking his time to do something and haven’t been associated with anyone emotionally and sexually .

Esther was asked if she has a date or why does she allow somebody to be playing with her. This gets Esther flaying up and walking out of the game without answering the question putting it back on Frodd that he also grabbed him

Fried has been in storm lately, Esther is small and is trying to come to terms with the realities and Frodd was of the the opinion that he is trying to protect Esther emotionally and Esther made it clear that she has nobody as a boyfriend.

The truth or dare game brought out the whole thing in the house and this got tempers high. “I am a fresh boy” “I am a sweet boy”, said Frodd.

Frodd explained how he approached Esther and how he just told him that they can be friend and not a date. He said that he didn’t come to house to look for love and he said that he found it hard to expose her feelings. Mercy had a deep conversation with Frodd. Frodd was like he has shot himself on the leg by trying to be real to Esther. It was said that Esther was trying to be put on the hit sit … “I think she is too blunt” ” I wouldn’t push for it ” said Frodd and “I like her” the truth is that Frodd feels for Esther. Esther and Frodd are like are a bit funny , though a bit friendly but the housemates place it.

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