Biafra: Who is afraid of you leaving ?


Biafra, has turned out to be that proverbial bee that has perches at the Nigeria’s scrotum. Allow the bee,it stings the hell out of the scrotum and kill the bee, it hurts the scrotum. This is the position of Biafra .

Orchestrated by the “kid ” in the block , Nnamdi Kanu. Biafra also has presented a case how the negroid or black man will govern himself without resorting to brute. Some analyst say that Biafra will display the level of logicality in the average Blackman’s mind.



Nigeria noted to be the biggest black country globally, Biafra will present to the global community how the Blackman reasons either with his gun or with his brains. And the Blackman has sufficiently demonstrated to the world that he prefers reasoning with latter than the former. ” We will kill everything that walks ” quoted Benjamin Adekunle, during the first Biafra war about half a century ago. And he did exactly that, killed many and he was given badge if honours, decorated and a Street named after him in Lagos. Though he later died a sad and unfulfilled man. That’s how the Blackman has come to reason.


Then came Nnamdi Kanu,ignored by former adminstration and made popular and a legend by present administration. An international report but it this way.



“Until recently, Kanu was politely ignored  by the outside world. To many Igbos, he was  at best an expat dreamer, at worst a rabble- rousing shock jock. Then, after years in which nobody took him seriously, the Nigerian  government did just that. During a visit to Nigeria 15 months ago, he was arrested by its feared Department of State Security at a hotel in Lagos,” The Telegraph London


This new emergence of Biafra ( not as if the ideology died, it didn’t die ) can be attributed to a culmination of isolationist acts Nigeria has dished (full course) to the Igbo which can be seen from political , infrastructural to and otherwise. Today’s Biafrans must have studied the methodology that their fathers used and improved on it. And this methods seems to be working and the world have taken notice of it.



“Angered by the massacre of tens of thousands of Igbos in the Muslim-dominated north,  Biafra formed its own army, produced its own currency, and declared independence.  The Igbos, who often describe themselves as the ‘Jews of Africa’, wanted their own Israel. They got something closer to holocaust.” The Telegraph London



In the words of international observer ,Colin Freeman he captured the essence of Biafra and Nnamdi Kanu road to legend and martyrdom. Presently even deified by the Nigeria government,he said



“It has been nearly 50 years since Biafra’s bitter independence struggle, the inspiration for  Frederick Forsyth’s bestselling The Dogs of War. Now a south London DJ  currently imprisoned in Nigeria has taken up the battle, and Biafrans are once again fighting  – and dying – for the dream of their own country”

The new found love for Biafra by the people of Igbo descent and their southern cousin in Nigeria Delta States have reached a crescendo that the Nigerians federal government can’t afford to ignore and at the same time must find a lasting solution. The lasting solution has always been within their grips but they prefer looking for it on the mountain top. A clear case of not thinking outside the box. One of the characteristics of the African leadership. Just like the carpenter where every problem can be solved with a hammer the African government solves everything with brute and force. There can be a clear departure from this and the Biafra issue can be solved seamlessly and simply via economic means .



Well, rumours have been peddled that the Nigerian government is thinking of of allowing the five Igbo states go, though not ascertained . But, if the this is to be true! Then it will be a mistake. The Igbo are knowns to have this “igwe bu Ike mentality ” a principle of carry your brother along. I don’t think that the anioma man will be okay staying in his own or comfortable with another tribe rather than his own siblings the Igbo. The same goes with the Rivers state Igbo. So the solution isn’t this. Nigeria as a country has solutions and there is no need to be petrified or develop phobia for Biafra .



Biafra is hinged on our ability as a race to solve our internal problem maturedly. Though, we must agreed that African countries with exception of Ethiopia are white man creations. We lacked the capacity then to either form our countries or govern ourselves . We were created and colonised by the whites but today Nigeria must use this biafr to demonstrate that African man has evolved. Nigeria must demonstrate that African man can solve some political issues without killing. Nigeria must demonstrate that Biafra agitation can be solved via dialogue and not on battle Field. The whole world is looking at Nigeria. The whole world is asking , why is the Blackman like this ? Nigeria shouldn’t give the world the answers they want.



Economic model that can be used to settle these agitation is simple. It boils down to what has been said all these while. Regionalism! It’s as simple as that. Let the Igbo and the whole Igbo speaking tribes come together and have their region where a greater degree if autonomy is given to them. Something akin to confederation or full federation. They will decide in their own type of democratic process, their own flag, anthem, even police . The education and judiciary system can be decided by the region. They will run their own internal affairs to a greater degree and pay a stipend to government at centre but will use Nigerian passport and be defended by the Nigerian army. Most of the united countries of the world like the UAE, USA, Canada and even Malaysia run this system. They allow the regions to take their decision and have their internal control mechanism intact. This same goes to every region . Regions should be created according to cultural and ideological beliefs. Then make the centre very weak. The presidency should be rotated and also made powerless . The role of the presidency should be ceremonial while power rest on the region. The presidency ,though ceremonial must be rotated amongst the few regions.



This would have been the best bet for the country ,but will the love of oil and the docility if the North allow the country to take this common sense approach? Time will tell.



Another harsh option is dissolution. It takes guts to do this but shows maturity. The country can have a bilateral trade agreement between the seceding state. The Biafra can be a client state of Nigeria the way Costa Rica is to USA and Hong Kong to China or Gilbertar to Britain. An arrangement if this kind can be put in place . Agreement will be in visa systems, work and business permits and others. When such agreement are made, there is no need to fret over the issue of Biafra. Because, t just simply means a change of name but not a change of brotherhood or friendship. The agitating and the administrating parties must also look at this options. Ireland isn’t a part of the Britain doesn’t make Irish enemies bro English. They still maintain that oneness and brotherliness. Nigeria must learn from their colonial masters .


The Biafra issue, to me isn’t what should give Nigeria headache unless she sees it as so. There is always a way out of seemingly quagmire only if people can look within and factor a way out. The emergence of Biafra or not shouldn’t be seen as a do or die venture. But should be see as an evolutionary trend in the way Blackman reasons. He(Biafran) wants to define his destiny and this must be encouraged. One of the argument that the Biafrans are putting is to redraw the map of Africa that was drawn for African without their consent. And a cursory look at this narrative, they shouldn’t be faulted but negotiated.

Anthony Emeka Nwosu

Pro-Biafra supporters hold a poster of jailed activist Nnamdi Kanu during a protest in Aba, southeastern Nigeria, calling for his release on November 18, 2015. The protesters support the creation of a breakaway state of Biafra in the southeast and want the release of Nnamdi Kanu, who is believed to be a major sponsor of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and director of the pirate radio station Radio Biafra.
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