Biafra agitation is simply a fallout of frustrations – Sabinus Alozie


It will be good to have a real Igbo man President of Nigeria. An Igbo man bred out of our culture, moral discipline and sociology. An Igbo man who has achieved meritorious self accomplishements and respect of the Igbo race; not by catalog of deceptions. And who by that vision of Igbo man’s sense of industry, honesty and dexterity can pilot an ideological polity for the benefit of Nigeria and Nigerians. But definitely not the Igbo man President of Nigeriaa imposed by some self-serving Huasa/Fulani and Yoruba political mafia that only exist for themselves and will justifyingly want to say ”let Nigeria be” because we have a sale-away Igbo man willing to be used. Not an Igbo man who will be willing not to speak Igbo language at Aso rock; but will be willing to have someone check mate him in the office to ensure that he only speaks English like it was to Aguiyi Ironsi whom history says the now retired Gen Danjuma used to be stationed in office to ensure compliance.

If fellow Nigerians of other nationalities have come to realise the terrible wickedness and deceptive dislocations caused to the Igbo race for no just cause, we are able to heal the wonds of this land and make Nigeria a land of peace and prosperity again.

Biafra agitation is simply a fallout of frustrations in the midst of the people who have reached their wits’end and have lost sense of accommodation in the once cherished political entity we were building with the pledge that ”no man be oppressed”.

Can we rebuild a sense of sincerity? Yes we can!
Can we affirm the faith that we are one Nigeria where no man is oppressed? Yes we can!

Can we affirm to our creed that ”though tribe and tongue may differ” but in brotherhood we stand? Yes we can!

Can we decide that the way Ekwueme’s and Iwuanyanwu’s presidential abitions were scuttled because they are Igbo men of principle will be stopped? Yes we can!

Can we appreciate that the presence of the Igbo man in every part of the country is a demonstration of his openness, goodwill and willingness to build a virile Nigeria? Yes we can!

Can we trust the Igbo man for whom he is instead of suspecting and hindering him in every move he makes in the pursuit of normal life? Yes we can!

In every sense of humility, I thank God and also thank you that you are listening to your conscience and have the courage to let it out that Nigerians of Igbo extraction deserve the office of the Presidency. Take the message of politcal tolerance back to your constituency. We as Igbos know ourselves and can present to Nigerians credible men of integrity, knowledge and power and who can make Nigeria great again, in the next election.

Can we have the Igbo man President of Nigeria come May 2019? Yes we can!
Sabinus Alozie

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