Biafra: A word is enough for the wise!



Biafra is a political problem and it can be actualized through a political way. We can easily get a referendum through NASS, just imagine if all the Biafran advocators and sympathizers take a walk into a certain political party with their popularity in southeast.

Also Imagine where 5 State Governors decide to boycott Governors Forum,15 Senators, and almost 42 Federal House members boycott plenary sessions; all of them insisting on a referendum. What do you think will happen in Nigeria?( Made Afamefuna Martins 2017)

We need a political vehicle, Election boycott must be objected , it could be tragic.
Nnamdi Kanu needs to be running a proper consultation before dishing out orders to avoid a catastrophic mistake like the awaiting one from his recent order for elections boycott if not halted on time .

Below are major separatist movements in Europe with their political parties.

Country: United Kingdom
People: Scottish
Proposed State: Scotland
Political Party: Scottish National Party.

Country: Turkey
People: Kurdish
Proposed State: Kurdistan
Party: Kurdistan workers Party.

Country: Spain
People: Catalanics
Proposed State: Confederation of Catalan States
Political party: Partit Socialista de Mallorca-Entesa Nacionalista.

Countey: Spain
People: Basques
Proposed State: Basques Country
Party: Basque Nationalist Party

Country: Italy
People: Lombardians
Proposed state: Republic of Lombardy
Political party: Independence Front Lombardy.

Country: Germany
People: Bavarians
Proposed state: Free State of Bavaria
Political party: Bavaria Party

Country: Belgium
People: Flemish
Proposed state: Flanders
Political party: New Flemish Alliance

While John Garang was fighting Sudanese Government in the jungle, his Sudan People’s Liberation Movement negotiated and signed the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, ending the civil war. SPLM then obtained representation in the Government of Sudan, and was the main constituent of the Government of the then semi-autonomous Southern Sudan. When South Sudan became a sovereign state on 9 July 2011, SPLM became the ruling party of the new Republic.

Who is kanu working for?

Onyedikachukwu Anambra

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