It is a thing of pride for women to find a man who agrees to pay their bride price.

A woman without that honour is somehow less than a wife. Bride price is a garment of honour that most women would rather do without.

In most cases it is symbolic rather than material. We are talking of N250 in my community. Anybody who considers that a sale, should go to the market with the sum.

In many instances the bride’s family out spend the groom’s family in the wedding.

A major advantage of wedding is the bond of love it showers on a marriage. It makes the man appreciate his wife more and makes the woman more submissive to her husband.

Bride price steers the two to their traditional roles of Breadwinner and helpmate. The husband works out and brings the resources home while the wife uses the resources to fend for the family..

It is definitely a lie to suppose that bride price is a means of subjugation for women especially as women also contribute dowry to the marriage.

Those who attack bride price are actually attacking the Holy institution of matrimony.

Victor Wilberforce

A critical thinker and a social engineer

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