With high influx of people and one of the most densely populated states in the nation, Lagos is a state that can’t be left unattended. Transportation as a critical sector in the state that helps create an enabling environment. Having this in mind, the current Governor of Lagos State , Babatunde Sanwo Olu has demonstrated his interest in ensuring that Lagos transport ecosystem is top notch or the best in the country by reducing travel time. During his visit to the Lagos Traffic Management Authority few days ago, he announced a welfare package for the staff and to be effective by July 2019.

In the words of the amiable governor, “Today, I visited the LASTMA office to interact with the officers on how to improve travel time within Lagos. I also announced a 100% increase in their allowance effective from July.Traffic management is very central to our agenda.”

Also Lagosians have lauded the governor in this moves. Ayodeji Adeyanju , a resident of Lagos added that “Sir….this is a suggestion in good faith. Perhaps, a wholesome review of their life insurance policies whilst on the job would be great also. The hazards of their job descriptions should commensurate with their insurance policies.”

This has shown that the government of Lagos is focused in addressing the erratic and unpredictable traffic situation in the state which has led to loss of lives , manpower and man hours. With the rejuvenated LASTMA under the auspices of the Sanwo Olu, Lagosians are to experience seamless traffic and stress free commute.

Lagos State Traffic Management Authority is a Lagos State-owned agency under the ministry of transport. The agency was established in the year 2000 to transform the state transport system to ensure free flow of traffic in the state and also reduce road accidents.

Anthony Emeka Nwosu

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