Lately , the presidential hopeful Atiku Abubakar has been around lately, we have seen him in brainstorming session, see him with some economic juggernauts but seeing him not endorsing or haven’t endorsed local products especially in the area of ICT is becoming worrying and lately seeing him with a picture of MacBook in private aircraft has offended the Nigerian tech community.

How can you explain to the tech community that Atiku would look he way of indigenous ICT when he becomes the president yet he proudly displayed Apple MacBook. Is it a form of sophistication or an affront and slight to the local manufacturers? Zinox is an Igbo man and a Nigerian ….a zone that is positioned to give him block votes ! What happened to other OEMs of Nigerian origin? Must he display this laptop.

With so many OEMs that are indigenous ! We must start projecting our products this is what Atiku must do ! Apple is an American and we must stop this consumerism ! This picture is a covert advert for Apple! Is he being sponsored by Apple that he would be brandishing their logo up and down ? What kind of media team does he even have ! Actions speaks louder than voice and people are watching ! What happened to indigenous OEMs? Does he use indigenous products like Innosson? Has he endorsed any indigenous product? You know most of all these guys I just don’t trust them! They just don’t understand some economic principles like protectionism and group economics ! Brandishing Apple MacBook wouldn’t impress some of us ,rather it would offend the local tech community. Yes Apple is an amazing product but we can still build amazing indigenous products , we have the capacity and what they need is support from people like you …Atiku ! Unfortunately, they might  have killed their aspirations maybe 

Though we haven’t known Atiku’s position on indigenous products and technologies. We don’t know how he tends to stem the growing tide in foreign technology taking the market share and the high level of consumerism. We don’t know if he would merge NBC and NCC, Nigerians are yet to ascertain his position on research and development or incubation hub. What we have heard is NNPC! Oil isn’t the future but ICT! He hasn’t made the world to know if he would re evaluate our ICT roadmap and change the conversation in the Nigerian education system !

Also Atiku doesn’t know that when he is photographed with Zinox computer behind it sends thousands of message , Tech community would love him, indigenous start ups would believe in him, indigenous OEM would give him their trust ! The software and hardware community would have a sigh of relieve and give him a chance

Though a beautiful picture but with covert advert. People have seen it as offensive!
And people have said that “If Atiku can’t put square pegs in square holes , who will….they are all these same”, said Femi Ogun.

Atikulated folks are getting high in numbers these days , but unfortunately I am a protectionist! Economic and natural protectionism is my thing. We need a leader that looks inward and not outwardly. Atiku must start this

Anthony Christopher


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