The need to deepen the broadband penetration in the country has  necessitated partnerships and agreement between industry stakeholders. Satellite have been seen as the best means to augment connectivity and deepen broadband penetration in Nigeria which is presently, at twenty two percent, this is below the year’s expectation of broadband roadmap for the country pegged at thirty percent for 2018.  Having this in mind, Nigeria Communication Satellite (NigComsat) have partnered with Association of Telecommunication Companies of Nigeria (ATCON) to drive satellite services across the country.

Speaking at the event, the president of ATCON, Olusola Teniola said that “with this partnership with members of ATCON, this would make satellite services available and increase broadband penetration in the country.

“This initiative is borne out of the need to bring NIGCOMSAT’s services to ATCON’s teeming members because it has shown that majority of ATCON members do not know that they can buy capacity from NIGCOMSAT and those who know do not patronize NIGCOMSAT because they thought NIGCOMSAT’s prices are very high. Be that as it may, ATCON primary focus with respect to pervasive broadband is to see how our members can leverage on satellite technology for the deployment of broadband for socio-economic development of our country. You would have noticed that in the last few years, ATCON has come up with some initiatives that are not traditional. The whole essence of thinking outside the box is to increase our impact on our members and the industry as a whole. This initiative would undoubtedly make our industry to realize its broadband target set by the federal government”, Olusola Teniola .

In the word of the Abimbola Alele, the CEO of NigComsat  said that, with the partnership of  The gathering emphasizes on the reestablishing relationships in line with the broadband penetration plane which is at 21% .She added that the mutual relationship is long overdue and having 30% broadband penetration in mind, she hopes that Operators and NigComsat can drive broadband to 30% before the end of the year. Apart from let cities like Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt, majority of Nigerians don’t have access to broadband, as of today, the level of penetration is pegged at 22%. With the availability of broadband in rural areas, there would be reduction of rural urban drift.

NigComsat boss said that with this partnership with ATCON, this would deepen the broadband penetration in the country in line with the federal government’s plan on broadband.  The Nigerian satellite company has an impressive payload and footprint around sub Saharan Africa, the satellite is at the  seventh year and  according to industry standards, the satellite is very healthy.

She added “We are all aware that one of the cardinal objectives of ATCON is to ‘bring together under one umbrella all companies in the field of telecommunications and auxiliary services for the purpose of sharing industry information, networking, associating and otherwise enhancing the stature and relevance of telecommunications industry’, it is on this principle that NIGCOMSAT would like to partner with ATCON to ensure that the federal government’s plan of broadband penetration is achieved. We cannot do this alone without proper engagement with you. You are the vehicle to reach the rural populations and we can provide the infrastructure that you can leverage on. ”

With over 40 transponders and 28 active, NigComsat is well positioned to be if important service for banks and financial institutions. NigComsat supports pay TV and also the triple play services and navigational services

In the area of support, the satellite service provider said that they have put a lot of support measures in place that would make their partners businesses easier.

“With robust network like customer and dashboard network operation which include  hardware operations are the few of the things that the satellite company would be supporting the partners with”, Samson Osagie , Executive Director of marketing , NigComsat.

The company added that Nigerians and local firms should have it as a patriotic duty to patronise the company in order to contribute to the gross domestic product of the country. Nigeria’s foremost satellite, NigComSat-1R is performing optimally and the Ka-band payload consists of eight (8) active transponders with a bandwidth of 120 MHz each for communication and broadcasting services. It has three fixed spot beams over Nigeria, South Africa and Europe. For additional support, we have made back-up agreements with more than two satellite operators.



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