The Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ATCON) has berated the recent demonstration of the Nigerian Labour Congress in front of MTN’s headquarters and branches nationwide.

The Association sees these nationwide disruptions of its member’s operations as unnecessary venture and it an intentional attempt to frustrate and sabotage the effort of our member to provide a seamless communication for all Nigerians. We are even worried that the picketers became so violent during their unnecessary demonstration. ATCON thinks if NLC wants to do anything at all NLC should have peacefully carried out their picketing instead of going violent.

The two days ago picketing of MTN Nigeria is uncalled for at this material time that some companies are laying off their staff because of poor economic situation in the country. This action by NLC has pointed to the fact that some people are out to sabotage ATCON’s efforts to encourage its members to make more investment in infrastructure development of the sector. The amount of money lost during these demonstration is alarming and ATCON thinks NLC should have approach the matter in a more professional and civilized manner. We would appreciate NLC to write to us before embarking on any demonstration that can put the security of the nation in jeopardy. Our members are law abiding corporate organizations that have been contributing to the wealth of Nigeria.

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