Assura Fast Trade(AFT) an asset for a successful real estate



AbdulAzeez, the co-founder of Assura Fast Trade (AFT) its a Africa’s most innovative land trading service with various options to help you acquire land asset at the click of a button.

Assura Fast Trade(AFT) as it’s fondly called is changing the lives of Nigerians and help them acquire their dream properties as well all know that 90% of the rich people got rich through real estate with AFT which gives opportunity to sell your investment as its grows in profit, in which your money will be sent to your bank account on request by AFT within 24 hours. Don’t wait to buy real estate, Buy real estate and wait, he advised.

Using technology as our primary leverage, we are gradually becoming the largest online real estate marketplace.Image result for Assura Fast Trade(AFT)

Since inception, we have been able to use real estate investment to improve the economic standing of all our investors at every level providing powerful opportunities and insight. And our vision is in pursuit of building home for Families and building a better communities.

AFT allows you know how to redefined the way you interact with land acquisition, The standard process of owning a land is for you to wait until you have hundreds of thousands and millions of Naira before you can purchase. But with Assura Trade, you can don’t have to wait that long, you can enter the league of landlords with what you have.

Assura trade is the first and only land trading company that allows you begin your acquisition journey with as little as 1sqm up to 600sqm. We are saying that it is now possible for you to acquire your own land at a very affordable start-up package and gradually upgrade at your convenience.And we can give tips on how to interact with your asset. Located in Hughes Avenue, yaba, Lagos.

Land Ownership
This is your first key to a completely new world of possibilities, you can start with as little as a sq. and gradually work your way up at your own pace, at your own convenience.

Land Commerce
Commerce is the activity of buying and selling reason why we allows you the option of buying for trading on demand. You can trade on demand when you are cash strapped or you observe a rush and rise in price of your land choice location. Entry rate is as low as a square meter.

Land investment
For those who want their money to work for them instead of saving it where it works for others, well you just got served. You can actually decide to invest a certain amount of your monthly or daily income into any of our locations. Investment can be semi monthly.

Land Asset
Land is one of the most important assets for most people around the world, infact it is an assetanyone can leverage on in time of unforeseen emergencies or as a backup plan. This is the reason why the elites in our society keep acquiring as much as they can because the certainty of Commerce is the activity of buying and selling returns is always guaranteed.

Land Seeding
This a special package for those with futuristic plans and term to use our asset to achieve most of their plans such as:
Further studies
New born baby
Private Project
Buying new Home
and many more…

Security & Integrity

Our system make use of advance technologies to secure all asset own by investors. Which is Affordable, Reliable, Convenient, Proof of ownership, Transferable, etc.

In the history of real estate transfer of ownership as not been this easy. Ability to change ownership is a click away.

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