Having congratulated Liverpool FC days for their victory, to show the spirit of sportsmanship, it is necessary to tell us what we should know.

This my message comes with two photos. One is Soccer god Messi in the midst of the Liverpool players, while the other is King Lionel Messi and your C. Ronaldo. It is important that you watch the photos , and understand the need that , A King does not leave his KINGDOM, but the servants do.

After yesterday’s match I received many phone calls, answering some, and leaving some. The whole cyberspace was all about Frank, Messi, and Barcelona, that i never knew my level has even reached to the Barcelona FC Managers, if not the Director. Thank you my super fans for such wonderful accolades and recognitions.

However, I was touched when my good friend Okey from Omor called me on phone , and told me that they are drinking Hennessy for the sake of this victory. I told him to go on , and enjoy, but within me i said “Ha! So Barcelona is even bigger than what the World has ever imagined great?, that just winning them merits Hennessy? It means they can burn Bridges when they carry the Cup?”. All these i said to myself, and celebrated Barcelona FC for vindicating me that any club that wins them takes it as if they have carried the cup.

Ajax knocked out Juventus and their C. Ronaldo, yet nobody celebrated it with Hennessy , or even saying that they will carry Champions League , but most of the messages i am seeing on Facebook are all saying that Liverpool FC will now carry the Cup just because they beat Barcelona and soccer god MESSI. This also shows the difference between SOCCER god Messi, and your C.Ronaldo showing that the fear of Messi has given heart attack to many.

Again, I observed with dismay that Liverpool FC has no much fans because they have not been good for the past years, and lost most of them. The people celebrating this Victory are Chelsea fans , and Man. Utd fans out of anger . These two clubs have nothing again to boast of . FOOTBALL is indeed, not played in England, and even FIFA knows this, by hardly picking the Ballon D’Or Player from there. They are only good in noisemaking.

PSG has once came to Stanford Bridge and beat Chelsea silly with 9 players against 11 in a “Do or Die” match. Soccer god Messi has scored them home, and away. Their only achievement this season is that they won the “Fourth Position” in Priemership , then eying “Common Europa”. They have my sympathy.

As for Man. U , apart from that lucky goal of their Paul Scholes, they have nothing to boast of. Soccer god Messi has in two Champions League finals all played in England, taken the Cups from them even with the likes of their C.Ronaldo, Ryan Giggs, Patrick Evra, etc playing. And this season, Barcelona also taught them a Big lesson home and away.

As for the Over-rated, but “Common Liverpool FC”, they were once celebrating that MESSI has never scored them , and today they have nothing again to say. We beat them at Nou Camp, and called it “NOTHING”, and they reciprocated the gesture at Anfield , and to them “We are Warriors”.

Frankly speaking from Frank, the gallant exit of Barcelona FC in this Champions League has made the game uninteresting to many apart from Nigerians, and less revenue to be generated by FIFA. If you doubt this, check the number of Spectators that watch Barcelona Match against any club.

Franklin Arinze

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