As Senator Ifeanyi Araraume Dredges River, He Deepens His Presence In Lives Of Imo People


It used to be a stream that has no serious current and flow. The communities have used it from time immemorial, but with the emergence of Senator Ifeanyi Araraume in the political landscape, this tiny river has been affected for good as it is being dredged to a river status bringing tourism and transportation to the communities in Imo State.

Senator Ifeanyi Araraume Continues To Dredge And Expand The Used To Be A Small River Known As Efuru River At Isiebu That Transverses Through Isiala Mbano ,Ehime Mbano , Nwangele Etc Into A Tourist River As He Promises To Replicate Such In Some Areas Of Imo state As Governor.

Trying to show the citizens of Imo State what it means to have an all encompassing Government! Senator Ifeanyi Araraume understands the position of Imo State in the tourist map of the country and he is doing everything to ensure that the state goes higher. Tourism is one area that the state is known for and with Senator Ifeanyi Araraume in the political scene, the state tourism would change for good.

Though environmental activist have frowned on the low environmental assessment but what they aren’t seeing is the immense economic benefit that would accrue to the state from agriculture, aquaculture to tourism. As Senator Ifeanyi Araraume dredges the stream, it is expected that he would deepen his presence in the hearts of Imo citizens . The picture was captured At Isiebu Isiala Mbano Imo State Nigeria

Anthony Emeka NWOSU & Ifeanyi Onyenankeya



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