The All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) decries the prevalent spate of killings​, wanton loss of lives and state of lawlessness pervading the nation.

The party calls on the federal government to wake up to its constitutional responsibility of protecting lives and property as well as for the Police in particular and other security Agencies in general to be up and doing in carrying out their constitutionally​ assigned responsibilities​ of maintaining​ law and order.

The party views the state of violence and brigandage in the country as if the Police and other security Agencies have abdicated their duties and allow the herdsmen cum terrorists unhindered access to Nigerian Communities,​ to kill and unleash mayhem and havoc on farmlands, homes, markets and places of worship without much challenges​ or deterrence by the security Agencies.

More so, the party is equally greatly disturbed​ on the gradual lawlessness pervading the political system which is steadily becoming the order of the day. One of such lawlessness is the recent invasion of the Senate Chamber of the National Assembly by some political urchins, without any serious checkmate or arrest by the Police especially, and the other security Personnel on duty that day.

Another instance of that is the last Friday invasion of a Rivers State High Court in Port Harcourt, by some alleged Thugs of the All Progressives Congress (APC), to stop the Court from holding and possibly issue an order which could affect the party’s scheduled last Saturday’s local government Congress in the state, to elect its officers, which disrupted judicial activities within the Court premises without any reported arrest.

However, the party wants the federal government, the security Agencies and the political players to be reminded that Democracy thrives on constitutionality and rule of law; which compels every organ of government and political participants to uphold the rule of law, maintain checks and balances, and conforms to all established norms, values and sound ethos.

Hence, all Nigerians, especially security Agents and the Politicians should know that any thing contrary or against the established democratic rules of engagement is inimical and threat to the sustainability and survival of any democracy, especially a fledging and nascent one like ours.

Chief Henry Okolie-Aboh,
National Publicity Secretary.

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