Mind your palace; APC advises Obi of Onicha, others



Our great party respectfully, but vehemently disagrees with Obi of Onicha, Igwe Alfred Achebe on the need for him and some other traditional rulers to join the partisan fray against all laws, moral codes and the dictates of decency, to the point of instructing Anambra State on national television to vote for a particular political party.

We insist that that practice is against all known values and must be discouraged in the quest to have a conflict-free society.

It is our hope that the security agencies are watching this pronounced display of indiscretion, unfortunately sponsored with what is left of Anambra State funds, a state already in N80bn debt for the wrong choice they made in 2013, under the watch of the same actors.

Anambra State is fully knowledgeable that the constituent powers of any traditional institution, which revolves around the culture and tradition begins and ends in its jurisdiction. Therefore no traditional ruler has any right to tell a community outside his own what to do with their ballot papers, if at all they have the right to do so within their communities.

We urge all residents of Anambra State including the cosmopolitan dwellers in Onicha and all communities whose traditional rulers were involved in that weekend show of shame to vote for APC, or otherwise according to their conscience, disregarding intimidation, because gone are the days when the destiny of Anambra State was stealthily entrusted into the hands of a few bourgeois, to which desperate power mongers paid ‘tithes’, landing the state in a ‘zero allocation’ status, until it was liberated in 2003.

Our state shall not go back to Egypt!

On our knees, we plead the concerned, selected Ndi Igwe to disclose the source of funding or the occasion, and the commercial television coverage through which that statement that threw caution to the winds was made.

We commend those respectable traditional rulers who refused to be drawn into such royal errors, choosing instead the honorable path of minding their palace, their respective one votes, while praying for all candidates, in all parties.

Our party knows about the existence of retired businessmen, contesting in the 2017 governorship elections to further take advantage of Anambra Local Government Funds, but feel that a young and vibrant leader on the basis of calling will rescue and secure the future of Anambra State children better.

Anambra knows about the ambitious attempt to create a CKC (Christ the King College) Cult, after shockingly silencing some interests that should otherwise protect the state but also know that when the owner is awake, the thief stands on an expired mandate.

We restate for the avoidance of doubt that our party and certainly Anambra State does not subscribe to a non-existent zoning system of governorship imagined by some politico-businessmen in a party that claims what they are not.

Similarly, the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 to which all –rulers and the ruled -are bound, state clearly that the tenure of any governor is four years.

Therefore, the tenure of the out-going governor of Anambra State expires on March 16, 2018.There is nothing to complete after this date, except in the unlikely event of a fresh mandate being conferred through November 18 elections to a government that has failed on virtually all its responsibilities.
Has anyone asked those traditional rulers who the elected Local Government Chairman is in their jurisdiction?

Our party recognizes in both internal and inter-party contests that Anambra governorship election is a free for all, founded on democratic principles.

Consequently, we call on Anambra voters to save the state from the bondage of a few who do not take responsibility for their actions and vote in Dr Tony Nwoye to return the state to the path of progress.

Okelo Madukaife
State Publicity Secretary

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