APC National Convention: Challenges and Reassurance By Party Stalwarts



Over 6,800 delegates would head to Abuja sooner for the APC convention. Lately, the party has been in one for of court suit or the other but the party has come out to reassure the public that all is well that look good and there is no cause of alarm. This was made know to the public during the Sunrise program on Channels TV. Terrab said that the part expects seventy percent peaceful Congress/convention without rancour. This is coming in a period that the party has been bedeviled with a lot of problems such as court order, vote of no confidence and credibility of state leadership. The Imo contentious issue was looked at by Ben Nwoye, APC chairman, Enugu State.

Terrab said most of the state Congresses has been peaceful. On collision course oner convention unity list, Ben Nwoye an APC secretary said that “APC came out stronger even in states that have PDP government. Though there are rancours but people shouldn’t reagrd the news on the papers. They should be categorised as fake news.

Ben said that ,” most of the states that complained what they had was guided Congresses. The officers that performed where returned and that is within the Constitution big the APC.”

“APC as a party has achieved consensus building more than any party and people come out and ask if they are contesting against consensus even before they buy the form. As the build up to the national convention, a lot of issues has been resolved within the APC as a family ,” said Twrrab

The Imo , Rivers Congresses and that of Adamawa states, there is nothing like parallel Congress and what we had was illegalities in some of these states. We can’t allow them to define and create their own rule. Ben Nwoye opined. He went ahead to to talk about the pending court cases and the party believe in rule of law.

With over 6,800 delegates for the convention, the party said that they don’t foresee rancours. Any court order would be challenged before or on the convention. On the issue of Rochas and the Imo State, he said that every judge entertains bias and he expects the judge to be fair. He said that Rochas has made certain statements and express lack of support for some individuals and that he shouldn’t be a judge if he is found biased. Rochas ,if he is found to have made public statements then he has no business been in the appeal setup by APC, Nwoye opined.

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