My Husband Has The Responsibility To Take Care Of His Wife & Kids – Angela Nchukwube, CEO Zappy Pop Corn

Women must endeavour to be productive ,this brings about happy home !


In a chit chat with Angela Nchukwube, CEO Zappy Pop Corn , she explains challenges of a food based business and the love for good popcorn as one major reason that her to establish her business. Giving tidbits of how to combine work and entrepreneurship, Angela has demonstrated that one can have two jobs in Nigeria as it is done in Western world. Anthony Emeka Nwosu captures this all.


Can we know the unique selling point of Zappy pop corn ?


I will say a whole lot, but before I go into the unique selling points our product have…I started this business as a result of the urge to change the way pop corn is prepared in some cities of Nigeria , especially Lagos. We also looked at packaging and these are the things that is lacking with the street vendors products. We came in to bridge this gap and provide quality pop corns that Nigerians will enjoy. That is how we started and we take a particular interest in hygiene and packaging.Zappy popcorn has a unique taste like no other, it’s made from healthy and finest ingredients, also it has unique packaging that is  being complimented everywhere by clients and customers.

What prompted you to go into this line of business ?

Well, I have said the reason that made us go into this project and also, I am a pop corn lady. I love popcorn and also I have interest in events and in making sure every one that attends an event leaves happy. I had some other  businesses in mind, but popcorn business was of choice​ because it’s known to give joy and happiness to everyone that eats it and so far, the testimonies has been really amazing.

With a lot of imports of consumables that are in the Nigerian market. How are you coping with this line of business?

Popcorn business is very unique. as we don’t have imported popcorn yet, it’s proudly Nigeria…we looked at the need and market. Even if we have imported pop corn which I haven’t seen, it isn’t hike made and we have this peculiar home made taste which cheap imports won’t substitute.

How are you combining work with Enterprise. Is it taking a toll on you ?

In today’s world , one must have the capacity to multitask. It is a new concept in Africa but in Western world people keep two jobs and juggle them. That is what I am doing and beside that I Have some staff working with me, and i do some of the business during the weekends, yea, it can be stressful sometimes, but achieving our goal gives us Strength. This can be said to be a fall back position for people like us.

As an entrepreneur, what are the teething challenges that you face doing this business ?


Like every other business right now, high cost of materials  is a challenge, I’m hoping that they will get cheaper soonest. Another thing is high cost of logistics and this translate to product cost. We would love our products to be very affordable. That is what we are striving to keep, but as you know grains are imported into the country and this is forex dependent. So you can see the dilemma we are into. But, we don’t and won’t lower our quality.



The issue of high operation expenditure is one thing that is killing enterprises and entrepreneurship in the country. How has this affected you?

We try as much to get the materials cheap, so we still have some profits. Though, this is seemingly difficult but we try to always find a way around it. The customer is the king and we must satisfy him.


As a lady, you are diving into the murky waters of enterprises, don’t you think that you have a better option of allowing your man to shoulder your responsibility. Why this route ?

My husband has the responsibility to take care of his wife and kids,even if he has all the wealth in the world, it’s still good for me to be productive and live a Fulfilled life by developing my self. The days of sit at home and take care of the kids are going….I don’t mean it’s not good but it is a nice thing to always bring something to the table as a woman. It makes the man to have some level of respect for you.

What do you have to say to young ladies that are trying to find their path in business world?

Well, what is there that they haven’t heard but I will re emphasize it, the first rule is to believe in yourself, know your Strength, and interest, this helps you streamline what you want in life. Then develop yourself with good materials, attend good seminars and pray. Also, try and surround yourself with positive people. This helps a lot, because the type of folks you surround yourself with matters a lot.

How well is Zappy doing in the market ?


Zappy is still developing to become a great brand, maybe in few years time we might go global, but so far we are doing really good, our customers are happy and recommends their friends and family, and we are happy, that is the most important thing.




My husband has the responsibility to take care of his wife and kids,even if he has all the wealth in the world, it’s still good for me to be productive and live a Fulfilled life by developing my self.



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