Angela , “The  Funny Sex Therapist ” And Social Media Influencer Reaches Out To Widows This New Year


Angela the social media influencer from Nnewi Anambra State reaches out to three poor and indigent widows. She used her little savings which amount to almost three hundred thousand to distribute to poor widows in a bid to cushion their various expenses. A move her admirers have commended her and calling her the “Sexual Angel”.

Angel talks dirty and she uses Igbo language to deliver her message raw and nicely. She also talks nasty but she makes a whole of sense! She is a Facebook influencer , she has touched the lives of many people online especially in the area of sexuality and relationship counselling.

Speaking about the humanitarian gesture, Angela Nwosu said that “I am giving out all the cash I have in this video, to 3 poor women with kids (widows or single mothers) I want to be the reason so many people are happily feeding well this festive period. I don’t need women I don’t know here, I want only people that are active on my timeline, those are the people am interested in. I won’t help those that suddenly appears here because money has been mentioned and sideline those that has been active on my timeline for months.”

She also added that “In the video is a piggy bank (kolo) my mum bought for me, to put cash in, since I have the problem of holding cash, I either misplace it or just give it all out, no matter the amount. I started putting money in it on the 18th of October, 2018 and I broke it today, when I couldn’t put money in it again. I suffered o, even stole too, lol, you can imagine who I comfortably stole from, without remorse.”

She called out in poor widows to indicate and contact her via her social media for the gesture. In her words “So if you are a widow or a single mother and need this money so much and you are not preparing for Christmas with others, because, you are a poor widow or single mother that has no hope for now, comment here and I will go through the comments and randomly select 3 women that I feel deserves this and inbox them. If you were among those I gave money to last week, you are not allowed to participate. ”

Angela , “The  Funny Sex Therapist ” And Social Media Influencer Reaches Out To Widows This New Year

January has always been a month that people find it difficult to come in areas of school fees, rents and feeding. Angie as an influencer is using her Facebook platform to touch the lives of selected widows.

Anthony Emeka Nwosu


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