Angela , CEO of Zappy Pop Corn Bids Farewell To Spinsterhood!


She might be called a multi tasker, being in the ICT space and also an entrepreneur. eTimes (Enterprise Times NG) is introducing Angela Nchekwube, the CEO of Zappy Pop Corn. Recently she walked down the aisle with her husband Emeka Ojiako whom she fondly calls “Emmy” to solemnize their matrimony in Warri, Delta State.

Originally from Anambra, Angela has been able to combine entrepreneurship and paid job efficiently and seamlessly.Nchekwube Angela got married to Mr. Emeka Ojiako, Having met the pretty Angela I calabar 2014 during the elder sister’s wedding and took interest in her. The journey of 4 years ended in 2018, at least we can sing “Kumbaya” for the sweet couples

In her words ” I didn’t know and he didn’t talk to me during the wedding, Race down to 2017 was when he got my number from my brother in-law and made the first call which I harrased him and called him a 419ner. He tried as much to explain that he is not, and I insisted he tell me how he got my number.”

“So thats how we started talking and talking and now we are married. The rest is history as they say”, she added .

All the way to Sapele Warri, which is the venue of the marriage after their cultural marriage at Anambra . The Venue of the wedding was Church:Jesus Freedom Mission, Sapele, Delta State , having grown up in Delta and as a Delta child took the man home .

As Angela and Emeka strides the adventurous and never ending  road of marriage ,there is no doubt that the couple would make a success of it based on the fact that both are married and have endured for four years and this is one critical ingredient in marriage which is patience.

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