Anambra State To Unveil Computer Village


In a highly digitized economy and in line with ICT road-map, the Anambra State government and private sector participants will be unveiling a computer village, touted to be the biggest ICT market in Eastern and South Southern part of the country and a replica of the one in Lagos in Onitsha, the biggest commercial city in South East and has the biggest trading centre in West Africa – Main Market.

Speaking to reporters , Ifeanyi Oluka, a resident of the city said ” we are happy that this market is coming to Onitsha, Anambra State. The need to go Lagos to buy some computer accessories and other digital products has been minimized. The cost of expenditure would be reduced. It is a welcome development and we appreciate the government of Anambra State for having the vision to establish this.”

Onitsha is the gateway to Eastern part of the country, known as a merchant town and with a lot of cities in the region coming to the city to moe purchases, the Computer Village has been seen as a welcome development.

The project is in line with the state government drive to bring productivity and digitization to the State. The market has been projected to create about a thousand direct labour, with banks and other financial institution coming to take up spaces in the market, The computer village would bring much needed economic boost to the State and also attract skills.

Anthony Emeka Nwosu
Writes from Anambra State


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