Anambra state and political maturity 101


My State, Anambara makes me proud because of some features it embodies and exemplifies. One of them is POLITICAL MATURITY.

The run for who occupies the office at Agụ Ọka in the State Capital does not and would not need to become bloody and take away lives of politicians, party members, voters and contestants. You’d hardly see that in Anambara State. That’s Political Maturity.

Ndị Anambara would never give you access to power on a platter of gold in the name of consensus or some zoning agreement. No. You have to merit it. Not by force or financial arm. Your persuasiveness would go a long way to do that.

My senatorial zone, Anambara South which includes Nnewi has too many wealthy men more than other areas who would never be impressed by the money you’re throwing about, should you fool yourself thinking money alone would do it for you.

In Anambara, nobody looks at your face or cares about your links with Abuja. Since the days of Uba and their links with Obasanjo, we have learned to ask the Abuja connections to keep quiet and be humble, if they don’t want to be shocked. Soludo, fresh from CBN, was a testament.

In Anambara, unlike in other States in and beyond Igboland, you have no entitlement to your incumbency. You’d be so shaken and rattled that you’d never sleep peacefully till the end of the race. Obi didn’t find it funny, neither is Obiano now.

In all, no waste of lives, no bloodshed — out of mere political envy. No! You’d hardly get that. No juju and rituals — just to be Governor. No. You’d hardly see that. When one person wins, others go and continue their lives and businesses. It is not perfect but it is always bloodless. And that’s the core of it.

That’s Political Maturity 101.



Chijioke Ngobili

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