Anambra Elections : 15 Questions before you decide (not) to Vote




Residents of Anambra State are about to take their Socio-political destinies in their hands in line with the assertion that ‘the choices of today, determine the actions of tomorrow’.

Come November 18, 2017, several candidates will be vying for the post of the executive governor of the state.

Some have joined the race to be counted, some have joined to enrich themselves, their cronies and godfathers, some have joined to deliver governance to the people of the state, some have joined to get a grip on the state in order to hand it out like a cake in 2019 Presidential polls, while some have joined to get back at political opponents.
But whatever decision that is propelling any of the twenty or so candidates, the prayer of Ndi Anambra should be that God must deliver them from hawks, parading as leaders, waiting to devour them for the next four years. But ‘Heaven helps those, who help themselves’.

As Anambra people pray, they also have to put a little work into the prayer by coming out to cast their votes in order to prevent the hovering hawks from feasting on them afterwards. It is the ‘works’ of their hands, that will determine what the state will look like between 2018 and 2022; or beyond.

Many have been giving reasons why they will not vote, especially those sympathetic to the cause of Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB. They cite ‘refusing to participate in any election organised by the Nigerian government’ as a pointer to the fact that they are serious about the agitation for Biafra. They believe that by staying away Nigeria will know they have rejected the ‘made-in-Nigeria’ political process. But action will only brighten the chances of the elements Ndi Igbo want to avoid. By staying away from the polls when you can use your vote to assert the development of Igbo land, you have only helped the candidates planted in Anambra to protect the so-called ‘external hegemony’ to advance their cause. One cannot sell a dog and end up buying a baboon.

But for those who have made up their minds to vote, some questions should guide your decision on who or what party to vote for. If I were in your shoes, I will ponder these:

1. Has security improved in Anambra State over the years?

2. Is there an agricultural revolution going on in the state that has created awareness about farming, so much that for the first time prices of staples like garri actually reduced?

3. Has the school system improved to the extent that students in the state study under decent conditions?

4. Are workers, pensioners lamenting over unpaid entitlements like salaries and gratuities?

5. Has Anambra State not consistently maintained top slots in exams like UME, NECO etc in the past four years?

6. Why are teachers in the state always winning ‘Teacher of the Year Award’ if their work conditions were not favourable?

7. Have the citizens of Anambra woken up to read stories about misappropriation of funds in the executive so common in other states?

8. Has the road network in the state not deepened in the past four years, even as so many other constructions are ongoing?

9. Are the major roads in Anambra State still as dark as they were some years ago at night?

10. In spite of the fact that every government needs taxes to survive, are our old parents not selling their local wares at markets without paying a penny as tax, just like the ‘barrow-pushers’?

11. Yes, not everyone will fly but is it not a thing of pride that finally a plane will land in an airport owned by Ndi Anambra?

12. Why are the major investors in the state, who are providing jobs for the youths like Innocent Chukwuma (Innoson) , Cosmas Maduka (Coscaris), Ifeanyi Ubah (Capital Oil) so optimistic about the way things are in the state?

13. Although churches try hard to avoid politics, why are they all pointing in one direction, urging Ndi Anambra not to be deceived by external elements?

14. Which of the political parties most formidably represent the interest of Ndi Igbo, so much that Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu, the man who put his life and wealth on the line for Ndi Igbo in a brutal civil war embraced and recommended it until his death?

15. Which of the candidates has governed a state and can be judged and trusted based on available and tangible actions?

Now, you know actions that would amount to a mistake on November 18.
Daalu nu!


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