He is one of the funniest bone around the Eastern region throwing his jokes in Igbo language and making tones of sense. He has made a lot of jokes on the Igbo nuances and also how to get it corrected. Known as I GO TUK, he has spoken on the need to have a good partner and the importance of good wife for a man’s progress.

The comedian took to his social media page (Facebook) to express his view on marriage. Hear him ” The worst thing that can happen to anybody is to marry someone who doesn’t have vision, can’t contribute to the family well being, physically , emotionally, mentally, financially and spiritually”

He continued”Ladies and gentlemen, many may hide this in them that you can’t see it until your married to them that’s why I advice you should be careful when getting married to avoid pretending your happy in marriage while your regretting inside you .”

On sympathy marriage, he proffered advice on the intending couples or those that are about to marry on the need not to marry based on sympathy on sentiments. He concluded by saying “Never get married out of pity or what people will say, or to fulfill a promise you made out of being in love marriage is far out of it, time will come when does things that attracted you will vanish, what will keep you is what he or she have brought to table, what have you achieved with him or her how much happy you are and how proud you are with him or her inside not outside.”

I GO TUK has over the years created a niche for himself in the entertainment market. Started as a local comedian in Onitsha And Nnewi environs of Anambra State, today the comedian has appeal across the region and all the Igbo Speaking states of Nigerian making him a household name. Having sold out many tickets in his show, the comedian can be said to be on top of his game.

Anthony Emeka NWOSU


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