Amidst the wealth in Lagos ,people live under the bridge !



Just some few poles from top notch hotel in Ikeja (Opebi-Maryland Link) where guests pay a minimum of N30,000  per night, a look down through  their windows will showcase the other side of life. Under the Opebi – Maryland bridge is an ecosystem and enviroment where people live! Oblivious of their  upper ostentatious life and few minutes drive from Alausa, which is the capital of Lagos and where Akin Ambode seats.


This is Lagos for you, the acclaimed centre of excellence and the economic capital of Nigeria ,touted to be the biggest economy in black Africa. But, Lagos isn’t all glitz and glamour. Just like any capitalist society where the poor gets poorer and the rich will always get richer. The disparity of the poor and the rich is so glaring that unlike other , saner climes ,no  social welfare has been put in place.



A city that has a concentration of everything from the busiest airport to the sea ports. The flow of immigrants in this city of chaos has seen infrastructure collapsing. Lagos ,one of the smallest state in land mass but the most densely populated has seen all the glory and down time. With a rat race life, strangers to this city will ask why is it that everybody is always in a haste? A question that doesn’t demand answers but left to  be experienced.



A city that has people living in the most abject poverty and lesser than the average cow in Holland. That doesn’t change their optimistic look for a better tomorrow. In the picture below is a living abode of people under Opebi link bridge towards Maryland . Living side by side with reptiles. One begins to wonder what happened to urban housing schemes .Nigerian NGOs might be in a lot if flimsy things like wellness and teaching people how to bake cakes and other mundane things. I am yet to see any Nigerian NGO embark on home delivery projects neither have I seen these multi millionaire pastors that fly jet build homes and hostels for these sets of people apart from the expensive school. This is the Lagos NGO for you, the government is busy and won’t want to be distracted with issues like this. 2019 is in their mind and will they must ,so let’s forget the government.



Will Ambode, the governor of Lagos give this set of human beings decent abode? Will he “deport ” them like his predecessor “Tinubu” the man in charge of housing ,energy and works ? Time will tell. But as it stands today, they must have a place to lay their heads and under the bridge is the home . We were warned not to take a close up picture of the “residents”.


Anthony Emeka Nwosu

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