Her name might be new in the entertainment scene but her songs are currently enjoying massive airplay in the globe. Oyo state born Esther Adetoun Adepoju, a songs writer, an actress and a gospel artist whose music is an inheritance and runs in her bloodline, her mum was a choir and a great singer as a member in Deeperlife bible Church and they were all brought up in Deeperlife church.

I grew up listening to her and she inspired me into singing, I began to have passion and desire to sing like my mum, she taught me how to sing
different part in music, I completely fell in love with singing that I joined choir in the church I lately attend which I happens to be the lead vocalist till I start receiving invitation for programs to minister in songs for churches and other events.

Muliti talented Jesus Baby recently did her first single titled ‘Fulfilling Destiny’ describing that without Jesus, destiny cannot be fulfilled and “by the grace of God it shall be my hit tracks, God has given me songs to bless lives and I will be dropping a full album soon”, she added.

Jesus Baby profess that Life has taught her to believe in the power of God to become whatever she wants to become in life that without Jesus, one can only dream and never be fulfilled but with Jesus, you will achieve whatever your intending is as quoted in Mathew 6:33.. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and it’s righteousness and all other things shall be added., she advised.

Fast rising Jesus Baby takes God as her source of inspiration. She loves listening & watch her mentors videos, attends rehearsals, singing praise and worship songs on her busy schedule as she relaxed.

Speaking on her ugly moment, remembering a night when she was to minister in a church revival, arriving at the church premise as a bike man dropped her, arguing with the bike man who mistakenly threw her on the floor, her cloth was messed up with dirt, still arguing with the bike man while it was her turn to minister in songs. It was a awful experience, Jesus Baby said.

Advising the coming up Gospel Artist to be focus, always wait for their time, money should not be their priority and prayer should be their first approach in everything. She further advice the upcoming artist to believe in themselves so as to achieve their dream.

Emma Clem

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