Akwa Ibom State Produces Over Two Million Quality Pencils for the Nation


When the country intends to diversify into non oil exports , pencil production was one of the few things that were listed. Knowing the potentials of the market and global acceptability of the product, Nigeria went into pencil manufacturing. Today, Nigeria can be said to be an exporter of the item , far away countries like USA are not using made in Nigeria pencil.

Pencils being produced in Nigeria are now being usedin schools in Philadelphia, U.S.A, after being exported from Nigeria. John Etim, a former president of Akwa Ibom State Association of Nigeria, USA (AKISAN), while holidaying in Akwa Ibom bought 10 cartons of 144 dozens of AKEES pencils which he distributed to various schools in the region.

Akwa Ibom State produces over two million quality pencils for the nation and neighbouring countries, according to reports. The high quality pencils and toothpicks are produced through Akwa Ibom Enterprises and Scheme (AKEES) factories.The good old days are returning back in Nigeria when we export more than we import making the naira strong against the dollar.

Emmanuel Chigbonkpa


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