First, Change Your Thought Process -Akolade Oluwatoba


I was walking along the street just yesterday. As I was approaching the building I was actually heading, I saw a woman at the entrance.

The woman, by name Iya Basirat. She sells foodstuffs like Yam flour, garri, semovita and the likes of other swallowed food.

She had just finished sorting out the chaff from the yam flour and of course, her body was already stained from that work she did. What baffles me really was that, she was using the hand she used in sorting this yam flour (which apparently is stained too) to clean the already stained cloth.

The more she tried to. Clean the stain from her cloth, the more the stains got expanding.

I began to think about this.Humans love to clean their body with their dirty mind.

“Is that possible?” I asked myself.

Imagining someone whose mindset has been configured to a particular thought pattern and wants to use that configured mind to change her appearance.

Can that be done?

In case you don’t get me, listen to this.Remember it is said that, as a man thinketh so is he. Coach Kemi Oyesola too can testify.When you have adapted yourself with a set of thought, you automatically become that thought.

Now, having become what you think about, and you noticed such thought is no encouraging your personality hence, you wish to change who you have created yourself to be without first changing what made you such… Your mind.

If Iya Basirat had cleaned her hands first, definitely she would be clean. The work she did with that hand brought stain to her and to get the stain, she needs wash her hands first then use it as the cleaning agent.

Look at your life now, if you are not happy with how you do, don’t freight, simply change how your think. That’s the origin. That’s the source.

I am a thought leader, I see things from various perspective and get lessons from them. I have shared one with you.

The lesson here is: Don’t complain about who you are and what you do but first change your thoughts.

Akolade Oluwatoba


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