Ajengunle not Ikorodu is the Headquarters of the “One Chance Robbers” – Olatunji Disu




Badoo and other cultist group are notorious criminal group that have been terrorizing Ikorodu, a suburb of Lagos state has come under the intense search light of the Nigerian police force. The group was alleged to have omitted some of the worst heinous crime known to mankind such kidnapping, gang war and killing of a pregnant woman and ripping the fetus out of her and other terrible crimes know to the world. They have been tagged a cult group while others know them as a bunch of rascals and delinquent kids. One thing that is a common denominator about these names is that BADOO as a group is a bad news and not wanted. Their name is derived from the term “BAD” giving it BADOO.

In a chat with the 97.7 FM, the police commander of Rapid Response Team, Olatunji Disu explained that the security machinery has been put in place to tackle the menace of this dreaded group. In his chat with the presenter of the morning program, he said, “We have deployed sophisticated equipment with a camera enabled Armored Personal Carrier (APC) to various crime hotspots in Lagos. Ikorodu disturbances will be a thing of past. We are using the Aberdeen policing system to checkmate these crimes. And we are happy to see a crime reduction in Lagos” he said.

The police chief reiterated on the need for citizens to be very conscious of their environment, in his words, “security is commonsensical. If an individual sees anything that is out of ordinary in his environment, he should alert the security personnel”, he said.


The police force in Lagos State have four call centers that the Lagos citizens can call for prompt response and he decried that people do not make use of these numbers. The police chief lamented on the use of toll free calling systems where kids calls the numbers to ask irrelevant questions, even adults have been known to call the center without any reasonable thing to say. He used the opportunity doll out the relevant numbers that citizens can call during time of emergency or criminal activity in Lagos. The 767 and 112 remains the standard numbers to call in any time of distress. These numbers are toll free and are not charged. He went further to give other mobile numbers like 09053950347 (SMS only) and residents of the state can call 07035068242, 08065154338 and 07055350249.

These numbers can be called anytime of the day to report any unwanted activity or even report police personnel that have been found wanting in their line of duties.


The issue of “One Chance” a form of robbery where criminals pretend to be passengers in a bus to rob and dispose unsuspecting passengers in Lagos, using mostly “Danfo” a bus in Lagos. He stated that it has been revealed that most of the perpetrators of this one chance crime are mostly from Ajegunle, a crime infested ghetto in Lagos. In the area these criminals are known by their nickname Awala. He revealed that the information came to bare when they arrested and caught the perpetrators of this crime. Majority of them come from this Ajegunle axis of Lagos.


On the issue prostitution and marijuana smoking in Lagos, he lamented on the case of prostitution, he noted that it should be an interventionist approach by some relevant ministries and government agencies on the reason to curb such social vices like prostitution. Lagos, being the economic capital of Nigeria, attracts a lot of people and when these people come to town, most of them have no decent accommodation and work. They resort to sleeping under the overhead bridge while the ladies prostitute and the men do snatching which they graduate to other crimes. He acknowledges the need to create job for these set of people that migrate to Lagos from other states but reiterated that a crime is a crime.


Selling and smoking of Marijuana hasn’t been legalized in the country and it is still a crime. Some few days ago, the police got some tip off that some bags of marijuana were stacked in Iyana Ipaja area of Lagos. The police moved swiftly and made the arrest. He added that “ we have come to understand that the position of state as the economic hub of the nation, attracts different characters and shades of people and the police have deployed various modern means of crime bursting and this has made Lagos to be relatively safe. There is no city in the world that we have zero crime rates “he concluded.


The security chief reiterated that police checkpoint in Lagos is illegal. There is no checkpoint in Lagos that any checkpoint found mounted by any police is illegal. The need to stop the Owo Olopa , a kind of money dedicated by the Danfo (transporters) for the men of force remains illegal and the commissioner of police frowns on such thing. With the new reenergized, reinvigorated and rejuvenated police system in Lagos, citizens are given feed backs when they report any crime and at the same time upholding confidentiality of thev reporter of crime. The new Nigerian police is in tandem with the global best practice.

Anthony Emeka Nwosu


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