Airbus to participate in the Critical Communications World exhibition, Kuala Lumpur



Airbus, a leading provider of secure communications and collaboration solutions, will be showcasing its next-generation communication developments for mission and business critical use at the Critical Communications World (CCW) 2019, taking place in Kuala Lumpur from 18 to 20 June.

This year, no fewer than six distinctive demo spots will be present at the Airbus booth (G114, hall 11) at the MITEC exhibition centre in Kuala Lumpur. The spotlight is put on an array of new Airbus developments designed to ensure mission critical services and enhanced situational awareness. MXLINK, the pioneer SMVNO service in Mexico and Latin America – officially launched in early May in Mexico City – is a good example of these services and solutions proposed by Airbus, which can substantially increase operational efficiency for end-users.

Recent projects involving hybrid devices and networks will also be one of the hot topics for Airbus during this years’ Critical Communications World. The most notable is Dabat Hybrid Roaming, a pioneer development solution which allows the user to seamlessly switch between Tetra and LTE for extended periods of time, using the well-known Tactilon Dabat, a smartphone and Tetra device in one. Combined with the Tactilon Agnet solution, Dabat Hybrid Roaming extends and secures Tetra network coverage thanks to an automatic switchover feature that allows it to switch to the LTE network when Tetra coverage is sparse. Public safety operations are therefore highly supported and the benefits of hybrid communications are maximised. This solution is the very first of its kind on the market and promises to facilitate and enhance end-user experience.

In addition, the TH9 terminal, now available on an 800 MHz frequency, adapted to the Chinese market, will also be demonstrated along with the latest accessories and developments in terminals.

Furthermore, the rapidly growing Airbus application ecosystem is also on the agenda. With the arrival of new partners with state-of-the-art inventive secure app solutions for end-users from both mission-critical and business-critical industries, the application ecosystem continues to thrive. Thus, the Airbus application developer program, SmarTWISP, also has cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, Biometric, and video-streaming applications to show. These are available through the Tactilon Agnet solution, a vast platform of professional applications for mission management.

Airbus representatives will also be sharing their knowledge and participating in a total of three conferences, five masterclasses, and four panel discussions over the three days. The key topics highlighted by the latter will be: Artificial Intelligence technologies in the field of critical communication, security in mission critical networks and terminals, the hybrid network model, and future applications.

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