If you are an indigene of Anambra State, or you have one or two blood ties running there then you should have gotten a glimpse of the mysterious Agulu Lake.

Agulu Lake is one of the numerous sites of attraction, alongside the Ogbunike cave, River Niger, Ikenga Virgin forest, Omashi-iyi cave, Akpu, Odo River and Obutu Lake Omogho, iyi-ocha Lake Amaokpala town, ekwuluimili botanical and herbal garden, Nanka natural springs amongst others all situated in different parts of Anambra State, one the major States in eastern Nigeria which has one of the biggest commercial center in the country.

Immaculate white in colour, and sometimes made green by algae depending on the season of the year, Agulu Lake is very wide, it has a lengthy diameter and beautiful surface area, located along Awka road, Umuowele village in Agulu town, Aniocha Local Government Area of Anambra State.

The Agulu Lake has so many mysteries surrounding its existence, mysteries which still hold and believed in till date. It is said to belong to the deity, ‘Ndemili’, a water god and has special powers. They say, it chooses whom to harbor and drowns whomever it wishes.

Aside this, it habitats several marine species the most famous of them being the crocodile and water turtle which on estimate, they were about three hundred. Fishing is prohibited here and these crocodiles are considered sacred.

#Agulu crocodile

Although dangerous, the water has a special custodian, who offers annual sacrifice to it making it less dangerous. He has his hut just beside the water. The most fascinating aspect which might make you wonder, is the fact that he lives side by side with the crocodile without fear of being a constituent of their meal and however weird it sounds, he takes care of them, feeds them and commune with them, most times when there are tourist around he talks to them and call upon them to welcome their guest, gives them chicken as gifts from the visitors while he throws kola nut into the water, curtsey of this gesture, it is believed he has made the environment friendly for the visitors…

Ojoto Morah Jr.

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