I deliberately left this update till today to allow the noisy neighbors fully revel in their defection lala land yesterday before we bring them back to reality.

Yesterday in their characteristic mischief, they regaled their hypnotized followers with tales of how the Gestapo (not Nigeria Police) held their capons, Senators Olusola Saraki and Ike Ekeremadu captive. Meanwhile Saraki and co already had their plans (which began with the Buba Galadima r-APC) all worked out. While Saraki was transmitting on the floor of the Senate, Ekweremadu was popping Champaign at his home with Olisa Metuh (who by the way has not collected back their actors’ costume from Ayo ‘the soft rock’ Fayose) even while the loquacious PDP National Secretary was declaring Ekweremadu missing.

In their hate induced propaganda, they regaled their desperate hangers on with stories of how Saraki had telephoned the United Nations and the United States and how American Marines sent by Trump were on their way to dethrone Buhari and free their ‘abducted’ lead actors.

In their drunkenness, they thought they had won the 2019 elections already. They deluded themselves that because 14 nomadic Senators and 32 HOR members (most of who were not going to get return tickets under the APC anyways) left the APC, then APC and Buhari should lose sleep, forgetting that the APC still had control of majority States and majority in the House of Representatives even by their own calculation.

Some smart by half ones among them will jump in here to say it was same thing that happened under the PDP in 2015 but in their myopia, they conveniently forgot that the key to APC’s success was the merger of 3 major, established and successful political parties namely the ANPP, ACN and CPC with elements of APGA all of which had control of States and Senate and HOR seats from across the federation.

They also forgot that the singular galvanizing force for that movement was the figure and personality of a certain lanky and handsome man of integrity – General Muhammadu Buhari – a man who ran elections with all their forces put together against him and yet only ‘lost’ at the Supreme Court.

Every movement needs a credible Points man. Who’s the Points man for this drunken PDP gerrymandering? Even as they are planning to change their name, they still can’t find a candidate 7 months to a general election as according to them they are looking for “a Northerner that can match Buhari’s integrity”. Is that not an acceptance of failure in itself for a Party that once boasted to be the largest Party in Africa? No quality. Just quantity.

Make no mistake. Every politician is important but surely some are more important than the others. So when they liken their basket of defectors to the defections away from PDP in 2015, I ask where’s their Rotimi Amaechi or their Tibubu or their Rochas Okorocha or their Adams Oshiomhole (add yours) that any reasonable political watcher should lose sleep over? This should not be an issue but they made it one. So we will go there.

My Inbox and phone lines have been inundated by messages and questions from true APC faithfuls and Buharists alike as well as other patriotic Nigerians since yesterday over the noise and hollow chest thumping of PDP elements and their allies in looting and criminality but I tell them I’m not unduly bothered. They should not be too.

For I know that just like the guy who gets drunk under the illusion that he will obliterate the painful reality that his girlfriend dumped him, they will wake up today to realize that the basket they snatched from the mad woman on the streets contains only dirty, discarded and useless scrap.

They will wake up today to realize that they still belong to the most corrupt and discredited Political Party in the history of Nigeria, that no decent Nigerian wants to touch even with a long pole. That only dogs return to their vomit.

They will wake up today to realize that their worst nightmare PMB is still alive, healthier and fully in charge, rewriting the evil they wrote on Nigeria’s checkered history book.

They will wake up to realize that our Nigerian Airways, Ajaokuta Steel Plant and many other Industries and factories they killed are resurrecting and tens of thousands of kilometers of abandoned and un-repaid Roads, Highways, Bridges, Power plants, Unpaid salaries, allowance etc that they dumped on Nigerians even after stealing all our monies are being sorted out by PMB and most Nigerians know.

They will wake up to realize that a bag of local rice is now N10,000, that Nigerians have embraced Agriculture as an alternative to Oil, that JAMB and CUSTOMS are still remitting more money to the national coffers in 3 years than they did in 16 years.

They will wake up to realize that Boko Haram which they left us with remains decimated and the Farmer/Herders crises which they glossed over and the unfortunate killings of our compatriots which they were hoping to exploit in their 2019 campaign is gradually being handled by PMB. And yet after all their hateful bile and vitriol on him as they were leaving, all PMB did was to wish them well. What a class act?

Some people call it APC putting up a bold face but it surely is not. It’s the real face. I repeat, those who want to leave should leave. And already please.

The mistakes that were made by the APC with Saraki and the effects of the marriage of convenience in 2015 are finally sorting themselves out like a termagant wife leaving your life and family. That can only be a good thing in any language. I don’t know how a known enemy who has not hidden his intention to harm you leaving your life should be a problem.

How has the supposed APC majority in the Senate and House helped the Party thus far? Because these dudes have always been in the opposition from the day one that Saraki hatched and executed his coup at the very beginning of this administration to hijack the NASS. It was therefore a misnomer to say APC had majority in the NASS.

I say to all patriotic Nigerians and APC members, give not a hoot. The system is correcting itself and in good time too. Now we can know our true strength in the NASS. Now the enemy lines are clear. So when we shoot, we aim to kill or maim without looking back. Politics is not a love affair please as even Senator Saraki and his conscienceless co-conspirators have shown us all.

Finally to Senator Saraki, make no mistake, I ‘hail’ him. I hail him for his mastery of the art of subterfuge, dissent, emotional blackmail, divide and rule, manipulation, selfishness and betrayal even of his own biological Father.

But I tell you, like every other con artist, he is coming to the end of the road with his crooked antics and political iskanchi. He took Buhari’s and Nigerians’ ‘sofri sofri’, gentleman, democratic approach for weakness and naivety. But how very mistaken he is.

Like the cowards they are, they executed their infantile coup yesterday knowing they were going on recess and quickly locked the Assembly. But they can’t lock up the truth. By the time they return from recess in September, we will have few months to Primaries and Elections. They will get selfishly busy with that. And that’s how the billions we spent on this 8th Assembly will go down the drain with nothing to show for it. And yet some Nigerians are still held in their self-inflicted Stockholm Syndrome – defending their captors and oppressors all in the name of hating Buhari.

For us in the APC, luckily we won’t have to deal with these imposters and traitors in our Primaries. Hope the PDP will give all them automatic tickets? Ultimately as someone would say, they will use his hand to slap themselves.

This having been dealt with, we shall continue our march to a better Nigeria under Buhari. We, the Nigerian masses belong to Buhari Peoples Party and we are not decamping to anywhere. Make no mistake. This is not an APC versus PDP contest neither is it a contest between Buhari and an unknown entity. It’s a contest between a man fighting for the long term future of our nation and our people and those who want to eat our tomorrow, today.

PMB will win the 2019 election by the Grace of God and by 2023, most of these looters and enemies of the nation would have either retired or expired (whatever expired means). But we are not desperate. If Buhari loses, he will go home like he said with his head held high and our honor intact but never again shall Nigerian support and vote for thieves.

God bless Nigeria.
God bless PMB
God bless APC
God bless the good men and women in PDP and other Parties.

(c) Dr Uche Diala
Buharist, Patriot and Nationalist

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