Nigeria has been seen as more of a technology consumption nation than a technology exporting nation, with the rigorous diversification of the economy from crude oil exploration to that of Information Communication and technology (ICT) companies like AFRIONE and other indigenous OEMs have started to spring up, indicating that there is light at the end f Nigeria’s economic tunnel.  With office at Ilupeju /Anthony Bypass Lagos, the presence of AFRIONE in the technology ecosystem is a welcome idea.

Headquartered in Lagos, AfriOne serves as a pioneer in the manufacture and assembly of high-end communication technology in the African space. The assembly plant was inaugurated by Governor of Lagos State Akinwunmi Ambode as of 2016. A lot has been said about diversification of economy, with technology as the front burner. On this note, the present administration has encouraged the diversification of the Nigerian economy from mono product(crude oil) exporter to a technology exporting country. With policies on ground such as local content law, ” Buy Nigeria to Grow Naira” and so many more, tech based organisations have started springing up with other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) setting up  shop in Nigeria.

A situation that is seen as “win win” for the country, especially in the area of job creation, capital flight and capacity building. With the presence of AFRIONE Limited in the Nigerian ICT space, Nigeria can be siad to be among the league of technology exporters.

AfriOne aims to democratize technology, by offering affordable innovations through our product offerings and removing barriers for large scale adoption of advanced technologies in Nigeria this has made the company go with the motto- AfriOne – one for everyone. The company has  a mission to ensure that Nigerians go smart and digital. They believe that access to smartphones should not be a thing of luxury and also in tune with digitization / digital road-map.

Changing the narratives, the presence of AFRIONE, would avail Nigerians the opportunities to have the required skills to work in a world-class facility. The emergence of Afrione Smartphones in the country has seen Nigeria saving money in the area of importation and also building capacity in production.

In a country of over 180 million with smartphone users over a hundred million, the need to start domestic manufacturing of smartphones is imperative! Because as of today, the  Nigerian smartphone and device market can be said to be dominated by foreign brands with little or none having assembly plant in the country. This situation has caused a lot of concern for industry watchers making the country more of a dumping ground, especially for used phones and phones that are not in tandem with the global safety standards, many lack type settings.

Within a short time,  AfriOne  has demonstrated  dedication  to corporate social responsibility (CSR) with particular regard to the Berry family’s passion for youth empowerment. The corporation facilitates education and training programs and encourages entrepreneurship in Nigeria, recognizing it as a means of contributing to national economic growth. With collaboration with some tertiary institutions in the country such as Lagos Polytechnic and others, AFRIONE strongly believes in education as a key for economic growth.

We don’t believe in just building phones and throwing it on Nigerians, AFRIONE is set to change the dynamics of the industry with world class after sales support, capacity building in the area of training and also we want to position Nigeria as an exporter of technology not a consumer of technology”, Lekan Akinjide of  AFRIONE Limited






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