AFCON 2019 SEMIs: Algeria 2 -1 Nigeria, Rohr Technical Depth and Jersey Colours



As it was for the Eagles in the last world cup, so it has become in AFCON 2019, and so it may continue to be, until we send Rohr packing.

Rohr lacks technical depth. I don’t need a pair of glasses to see that. You don’t need one either. It is as clear as the day light.
I have heard people blame the Super Eagles Jersey for the loss to Algerian Foxes, but hell NO!. If anything, that’s pure Superstition. Jersey, had nothing to do with it. We played well but lost to tactical indiscipline, shallow depth of the Coach, and dumb goal keeper.
I’ll explain:

1. The boys and their coach lost awareness that Algeria is more technical than physical. So they need man marking and should not be given any space at all. 4 minutes to end of regular time, you allow them so much space and possession in your area; that is technical indiscipline.

2. When a coach doesn’t have depth, it will always show, no matter his successes. Removing Chukwueze who kept Algerian back four on their toes and provided so much tonic to Iwobi, to roam and create a lot of panic among the Foxes, was both a tactical and technical blunder a good coach shouldn’t commit. Immediately he did that, the Algerian back, four joined attack, and it provided the result that has kept all of us sad . For me, Chukwueze could only have gone out of that game in a stretcher and nothing else, till the last whistle.

3. Inyama or any other better keeper we know, will arrange his defence, shout at them and make them close spaces. No keeper that saw the kind of space that allowed Algerians drive into target and hit the bar at 90 minutes, will allow his defence cluster again to commit that near penalty which led to the goal. Akpeyi saved some crucial goal attempts, no doubt, but he should learn how to talk to his defence.

My verdict:
As Vanguard Football Club (Kirikiri Warriors) Coach, I can do better than Rohr with these amazing talents in Super Eagles. He should go!

Prince Osuagwu

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